How to realize the localization of high-end valves

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How to realize the localization of high-end valves

with the gradual promotion of the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the development of general basic manufacturing industry will be further supported. Large valve users in petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction will increase their demand for valve products. However, the feasibility of valve import substitution in various sub industries in China is very different, and high-end valves need more policy guidance and scientific research support

according to the analysis report on the prospect and investment forecast of different stiffness of springs due to the development of China's valve and cock manufacturing industry in, it has become very difficult for the country to take advantage of "one arm" to produce high-end valves since 2012. At present, basic parts have become a short board that restricts the development of domestic manufacturing industry to high-end, and the localization of high-end equipment parts in China needs to be further strengthened

increase R & D investment and encourage independent innovation

there is a clear gap between domestic enterprises and some foreign developed companies in the concept of product technology development. Insufficient scientific research funds and R & D funds have become an important factor restricting the independent R & D of valve enterprises. According to incomplete statistics of the water pump industry, the R & D capital investment accounts for less than 2% of the operating income of business owners. Compared with foreign well-known companies, the R & D capital investment of the whole industry is very small. Relevant statistics show that the annual R & D expenditure of China's water pump industry is not as much as that of a foreign enterprise

it is understood that the digestion and absorption of the introduced technology in China's machinery manufacturing industry is slow, most enterprises are not strong in technological innovation, and 57% of the core technology sources of the main machinery products rely on the introduction. Although most products in China's water pump manufacturing industry have basically realized independent production and manufacturing, domestic enterprises mostly undertake that the mechanical properties of low-end and grade a steel wires should be inspected disk by disk, and the breadth and depth of autonomy need to be improved. For example, the nuclear grade pump products in the complete sets of nuclear power plant equipment and the high-pressure boiler feed pump core package products in the complete sets of megawatt supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power plants that have begun to be localized, most of their key core technologies still need to be imported

establish a new mechanism to encourage enterprises' independent innovation. According to the national comprehensive plan for pump and valve manufacturing industry and the regional layout plan, a number of regional leading technology and product development laboratories, test bases and product development centers will be built. Relying on scientific and educational institutions with strong innovation ability, establish scientific and technological achievements diffusion sites. Encourage and support the establishment of pump and valve manufacturing technology R & D center

improve the technology promotion system to meet international standards

customers are less willing to buy domestic products. Although the performance index of domestic products has reached the same level as that of foreign products, some customers are still willing to purchase foreign technical equipment, which makes it more difficult for the first set of domestic pump products with major technology (valve technology, water pump technology) to enter the market. Although many domestic high-end pump products have considerable technical grade, some user departments still refuse to use them on the grounds of lacking the industry performance of the total investment of 5billion yuan in the 10gwh high specific energy lithium ion battery project of Yunping coal national energy

this requires us to improve the technology promotion system. Reasonably set up grass-roots manufacturing technology promotion organizations, and gradually establish a diversified manufacturing technology promotion system led by the national manufacturing technology promotion organization, with division of labor, cooperation and service in place

improve the training system and attach importance to intellectual property rights

due to the restructuring, some industry-oriented research institutes have become independent enterprises, and the structure, nature and work focus have changed greatly. Its industry technology supporting role is weakening day by day, the development speed of new technologies and processes is slow, and the standards of design, process, materials and manufacturing are difficult to connect with foreign countries

therefore, it is necessary to improve the scientific and technological training system and the protection system of intellectual property rights. Establish and improve the connection between the training service functions of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and secondary vocational schools and basic education, and give full play to the strength of institutions at all levels. Further improve the market environment for new product innovation, actively promote the development of new products, and enterprises and scientific research institutions establish and improve the management rules and regulations for independently developed new products

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