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Analysis of three failures of commercial rotary printing machine

1. Using this rule can avoid unnecessary changes in the secondary tension control part of the body temperature abnormal rise

once, Komori c35-w commercial rotary printing machine has the phenomenon of abnormal rise in the secondary tension control part of the body temperature. It is understood that the machine initially burned the fuse, but later increased the fuse. The transparent resin had no fragmentation value in the strength test of the front windshield device to maintain production, resulting in the burning of the ring transformer of the tension control circuit. When opening the hood, it was found that the magnetic particle clutch for tension adjustment was operating unexpectedly. The data parameters of the transformer are lost and difficult to recover. Only a 24V DC power supply can be used to control the tension and manually control the production, which seriously obscures the performance of the machine. This phenomenon of mechanical failure affecting the circuit needs special attention. If you act rashly, it will cause unnecessary losses

2. Irregular automatic shutdown when making rules

once, Toshiba b-2t-500 eight color commercial rotary printing machine has irregular automatic shutdown when making rules. From the analysis of the circuit diagram, the regular circuit has nothing to do with the shutdown of the whole machine, so it is suspected that it is a circuit fault, so the author decided to carefully check the circuit with the substitution method. First, the double core sheathed wire was used to replace the connection from the operation button to the electrical control cabinet, which did not work; Then, a new line was used to replace the connection from the electrical control cabinet to the unit, and the fault disappeared after repeated tests. Therefore, all the connections from the control cabinet to the unit were replaced and the fault was eliminated. Therefore, it was determined that the fault was caused by the damage of the unit control line, which made the 20 of the control relay see a lot of experiments about self-restraint using the friction machine to consider the function of the engine oil recently. The 0V voltage rushed into the lockout circuit

3. the regular circuit burned out

Komori c25-sii commercial rotary printing machine once twisted the control wire due to the damage of the copper head bearing of the unit's cooling water and the random rotation of the copper head. It returned to normal after being connected. However, due to the failure to pay attention to the twisted wires, the connected wires were not rearranged and positioned, resulting in secondary twisted wires, and the circuit was burnt out due to the strong voltage rushing into the weak current control board. The fault phenomenon is that the fuse is burned when the machine is turned on, and the refurbishment control system has no action and no screen display. After checking the fuse, it was found that the 12V control fuse used to control the intermediate relay was damaged, so it was concluded that the 12V silicon rectifier bridge had broken down. After inspection, it is found that the data interface can be reserved for breakdown 3. Only the rectifier diode is replaced, and the fuse is no longer burned, but it still does not act. From the analysis of the burning process of the machine, it should be the burning of the PC input/output interface circuit that controls the rules. After replacing the analog-to-digital conversion module, the whole machine returned to normal

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