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Fault and maintenance method of booster cylinder

fault 1: hydraulic oil leaks in the pipeline or solenoid valve

cause: 1 There is too much oil in the oil reservoir

2. The hydraulic oil is emulsified (the hydraulic oil is deteriorated due to the mixing of air and oil)

3. The direct internal seal is damaged

4. The air pressure of the air source is unstable or too high, causing damage to the internal seals

corresponding treatment method:

1 Too much oil can drain some hydraulic oil

2. If the hydraulic oil deteriorates, turn the booster cylinder upside down, pour out the previous oil, clean it with oil and add new oil

3. In view of the third and fourth labor-intensive industries above, if there is a problem with the seal, it needs to be handed over to the booster cylinder manufacturer for treatment, or you can directly contact the technicians of Jiuli company for assistance

fault 2: unstable pressure during pressurization

cause: 1 The Bunsen pressure of the air source is unstable

2. Insufficient boosting stroke

3. The hydraulic oil in the booster cylinder is insufficient (the axis is all out, and the hydraulic oil is insufficient when it is 2 cm lower than the safety number)

corresponding treatment method:

1 Add the air storage tank, or the air compressor itself may be broken, and the air compressor needs to be replaced

2. The supercharging stroke needs to be calculated and prepared before ordering supercharging cylinder products

3. The booster cylinder needs to be refueled

fault 3: the piston of the booster cylinder does not return and cannot operate normally

reason: 1 Incorrect pipeline connection

2 The air supply pressure is too low

3 Mechanical failure or solenoid valve does not act

4 Insufficient lifting force

corresponding treatment method:

1 Readjust the pipeline

2 Increase the air supply pressure

3 Adjust the guide, the quality of the valve is not very good, and it needs to be replaced

4 For the selection of booster cylinder, it is best to know the weight of the mold accurately before selecting the model

fault 4: the action speed of booster cylinder is slow

reason: 1 The air supply pressure is too low

2 The treatment method of trachea passenger circuit is too long or the interface is too small:


1 Raise the air pressure source

2 Enlarge the air inlet pipe, change the small interface pipe to the large interface, or add an air tank next to the machine

fault: the booster cylinder does not pressurize

reason: 1. For the booster cylinder connected with the pressure regulating valve or the cylinder body joint is the speed regulating joint, the phenolic plate produced in China has the weaknesses of easy pulverization, low mechanical strength, brittleness, no extensibility and high water absorption, and the joint has been in the valve closing position

2. the pressure regulating valve has been damaged, which makes the air source unable to enter

3. the valve group is not well adjusted

corresponding treatment methods:

1. Open the quick regulating connector

2. Replace a new TCP system, wrap the UD tape on the pressure regulating valve on the plastic pipe

3. Re debug the valve group

the problem that the booster cylinder is not pressurized has not been solved according to the above methods, and call the technology Department of Jiuli company

fault: the zigzag experiment on the booster cylinder can also be applied. The experiment with two supporting rollers and a bent core is installed. The oil gauge does not act or shows insufficient pressure, and the booster piston pressurizes in advance

reason: 1 The working air supply pressure is too low

2 The oil pressure gauge on the booster cylinder is out of order or damaged

3 The supercharging stroke is not completed

4 Supercharging piston seals are damaged or there are grooves on the inner wall of the cylinder

treatment method:

1 Adjust the air pressure to the standard state, and the default standard air pressure of our company is 0.6mpa

2 Replace with a new oil gauge

3 Adjustable booster cylinder, the stroke of adjusting screw is too short

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