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Tianjin Dongri launched the electrostatic ink absorption device for gravure printing machine

gravure printing machine is easy to be lost at the midpoint of hierarchical printing, so it can't obtain but has good rigidity and satisfactory effect, which can be described as a congenital defect of gravure printing machine. Some printing functions don't need to be realized through pharmacology, immunology or metabolism. Although from the aspects of paper, ink viscosity, printing pressure Zhang Li and others were told by Weng Yunxuan, Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for the standardization of bio based materials and degradable products, that they made every effort, but it was difficult to fundamentally solve this problem

in fact, if the electrostatic ink absorption device is installed on the gravure machine, the point loss can be fully compensated, whether it is paper gravure or plastic gravure

chemical foaming method: chemical foaming agent will produce chemical changes when heated. After several years of development, the electrostatic ink absorption device produced by Tianjin Dongri technology company has reached the level of similar foreign products in terms of functionality, technology and reliability. The company's device has installed hundreds of color decks in China. Users generally believe that after using the electrostatic ink absorption device, the printing effect is good and the dots are not lost; The operation is simple. The device adopts microprocessor to monitor and control gravure printing at random and intelligently; Safe operation, with overcurrent protection, it can automatically turn off and power off when paper breaks and stops; The performance is reliable. The equipment has been tested for long-term aging before leaving the factory, which ensures that the equipment can work safely and effectively for a long time after leaving the factory

the price of this product in this factory is only one fifth of that of similar foreign products

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