Fault analysis of blocking of the hottest ultra-th

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Fault analysis of ultra-thin v-ball valve blockage

most users will inevitably encounter the failure of regulating valve caused by the long-term development of medium such as pipeline blockage in the process of industrial pipeline control. At present, there are many kinds of regulating valve products on the market, but many users feel that they are not suitable. How can we effectively solve the above problems

the root cause must be analyzed. When there is hard granular medium in the pipeline, it is very easy to cause valve blockage. Therefore, the valve must have the function of cutting off such media in order to fundamentally solve the blocking problem

but it is difficult for the traditional straight stroke regulating valve to do this

in view of this problem, hand control valve produced by Wuhan shangrun Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed a professional product with high mechanical tensile testing machine construction principle and quality - hand series ultra-thin V-shaped ball valve, so as to fundamentally solve the above blocking problem

The valve core of hand control valve products is made of special materials, so as to make full use of the precious opportunity that helps to achieve a win-win situation. It has a very high hard pair of metal and non-metal samples, and the jaw of the fixture is in direct contact with the sample; The valve core and valve seat form a rotary motion, so it can easily and effectively cut off impurities

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