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Fault and prevention of oxygen compressor

oxygen compressor is a machine used to deliver oxygen, compress the low-pressure oxygen produced by the air separation tower to the pressure required by the user, and send it to the user's site or fill it for the user

oxygen compressor can be divided into turbine oxygen compressor and piston oxygen compressor according to different structures. The turbine oxygen compressor is mainly composed of two parts: rotor and stator. The rotor includes rotating parts such as blade rotation, main shaft, balance disc, thrust disc and coupling; The stator consists of casing, diffuser, bend, reflux device, worm chamber, sealer, bearing, intercooler oil supply system and instrument electric control system. It seems that there are no vulnerable parts, and it is regularly overhauled. Generally, there are few faults. Even if there are faults, they are repaired by special maintenance personnel and manufacturers, so they are not discussed in this article

piston type oxygen compressors are used for pipeline transportation and bottle filling. According to the statistics of relevant departments, China's air separation manufacturing industry has so far produced about 8600 sets of various air separation equipment. The current operating equipment is estimated at 70%, and each set of equipment is equipped with two piston type oxygen compressors on average. At present, there are about 12000 piston type oxygen compressors in operation in China. To carry out fault research and maintenance research on such a large number and wide range of equipment, It is of great practical significance to improve the economic and social economic benefits of enterprises

from the actual operation of gas manufacturers, there are relatively many failures of oxygen compressors, combustion and explosion accidents occur from time to time, and oxygen compressor operators in some enterprises dare not go to the machine room to operate. In short, the oxygen compressor post is an accident prone post. Strengthening the research on the failure of the oxygen compressor and correct maintenance is to ensure the safe operation of the oxygen compressor and a major topic of enterprise safety management

II. Characteristics of oxygen compressor compared with other machines

compared with other piston machines, the structure of piston type oxygen compressor seems to be the same. The crankshaft is driven by the motor, and the circular motion of the crankshaft. Through the connecting rod, crosshead, piston rod and piston, the cylinder moves up and down in a straight line, changing the volume change in the cylinder, so that the gas is compressed. Therefore, the movement mechanism of the oxygen compressor is the same as that of other machines, and there must be enough oil for lubrication. The characteristic of oxygen compressor is that oxygen is a strong oxidant and a strong combustion supporting agent. Therefore, special requirements are put forward for the design, manufacture, material selection, installation, repair and use of parts in contact with oxygen, which is the characteristic of oxygen compressor

the lower operating mechanism of the oxygen compressor must have enough lubricating oil, and all parts and components in contact with oxygen such as the cylinder, piston and valve on the upper part of the oxygen compressor (above the sealer) must not be made of carbon steel, such as 500 kg or more, and must be thoroughly degreased before use, without grease

the structure of the movement mechanism of the oxygen compressor is the same as that of other mechanical mechanisms, and the resulting faults are also the same as other mechanical faults 10 The axial clearance between the transmission lead screw and the swimming thallium is no more than 0.5mm, which is familiar to the machinists. Due to space limitation, no detailed analysis will be made. Today's discussion focuses on troubleshooting and prevention related to oxygen

III. cause analysis of oxygen compressor failure

oxygen related failures of oxygen compressor are mainly reflected in combustion and explosion

specific location and timing of combustion and explosion:

the Department of combustion and explosion of oxygen compressor is related to the machine model Type 67/150 833/150 type, 3z3 The combustion and explosion parts of 67/150 high-pressure oxygen compressor mostly occur in the balance chamber or three-stage sealer of the middle seat of the compressor, and the three-stage cylinder head. Some of them occur in the second-stage cylinder, and the first-stage cylinder does not seem to have occurred. 2z/165-i oxygen compressor mostly occurs in the fourth and fifth stage cylinders, valves and piston rods. Generally, the flame is ejected from the fourth stage exhaust valve. 4m/44 oxygen compressor, 4m- Oxygen compressors of 3 ~ 4MPa grade such as 5/32 oxygen compressor generally occur in high-pressure piston rod sealer

most of the time occurs at the high pressure level, and the pressure is more than the design pressure. 6) the shortcomings or damage caused by unauthorized maintenance, disassembly, etc; Most of them occur above 10MPa. Another opportunity is when the pressure at all levels is close to the normal working pressure during oxygen commissioning after repair

cause analysis of combustion and explosion:

the causes of combustion and explosion of integrated oxygen compressor can be divided into two categories: oil in oxygen contact parts and cylinder temperature rise

1. Parts in contact with oxygen have oil or unclean degreasing, and high-pressure oxygen (≥ 2.94mpa) has a significant feature. When encountering grease, spontaneous combustion and explosion will occur. Many combustion and explosion accidents have been caused since the formulation and release of the "2025 sustainable development goal". The analysis of the source of grease has the following possibilities:

first, the piston rod seal is worn or improperly assembled, causing the piston rod to have oil, Generally, the piston rod of the oxygen compressor has a lower seal and an upper seal. The lower seal is used to scrape oil to prevent grease from entering the piston rod, and the upper seal uses sealed oxygen to leak down. If it is improperly assembled or worn after use, it is easy to cause oil

second, during the repair, when the piston rod was pulled out of the cylinder from the crankcase, there was grease on the piston rod, which was not cleaned with detergent, and the grease was brought into the upper seal

third, all parts and components in contact with oxygen, tools, labor protection supplies for operators, and hand contact parts are not degreased cleanly, and oil is carried from the pipes and containers in the air separation tower to the air storage bag, valves and gaskets of the oxygen compressor

fourth, cooling water with oil: in some enterprises, the cooling water of oxygen compressor shares the same cooling water system with other machinery such as air compressor. The circulating water is returned to the system through the trench. The air compressor leaks oil, and the oil is immersed in the cooling water. The oxygen compressor cylinder and the cooler open water tank. If the machine leaks or the water enters the machine during repair, there will be hidden dangers with oil

fifth, the connecting thread between the piston rod and the piston cannot be removed, and it is soaked with kerosene. After removal, only the surface is degreased, and there is still grease in the thread

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