Fault analysis of cbq800 automatic label punching

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Failure analysis of cbq800 automatic label punching and cutting machine

a cbq800 automatic label punching and cutting machine has been idle in the past due to its slow running speed and low working efficiency. Nowadays, an aluminum foil cap label production line is newly installed, and this punching machine is needed. Therefore, the punching and cutting machine, which had been idle for a long time, was reinstalled and overhauled. After operation, it was found that the reciprocating motion of the punching frame was unstable, and the four guide columns vibrated

based on the analysis of this fault phenomenon and the principle drawings of the manual, it is considered that the problem may lie in the following two parts:

(1) mechanical part: four guide columns lack lubricating oil, making the column movement unstable

(2) hydraulic part: the oil circuit is blocked or the main circuit is blocked

because the mechanical part of this equipment is very simple, material technology will become an economic and legal independent company, and the measurement of the square level used will start with the mechanical part first. First, clean the mechanical part, especially wipe the surface of the four reciprocating guide columns, and then check carefully. No wear or rust is found. After that, use the manual oil gun to add oil to the four guide bearing holes of the frame. Operate manually to make the punch move up and down repeatedly for several times, and then add lubricating oil to the above parts again to make the lubricating oil fully lubricate the guide bearing. Then operate the machine, and the fault does not disappear

then analyze the hydraulic part. According to the analysis of the hydraulic schematic diagram, there may be four reasons:

(1) whether the hydraulic oil level in the oil tank is within the specified height range

(2) whether the 7 overflow valve is blocked or damaged

(3) whether the oil filter at the oil pump suction port in the box is blocked

(4) whether the 11 one-way throttle valve is normal

after inspection, testing and elimination of the first three reasons, it can be basically concluded that the problem lies in the No. 11 one-way throttle valve. Therefore, select [working operation] and [continuous mode] in sequence through the computer touch screen, let the punch cut continuously, and slowly adjust the No. 11 single wide throttle valve. The method is as follows: turn the adjusting knob clockwise and slowly close the one-way throttle valve port. It is found that the vibration of the guide column is more obvious. Therefore, rotate the adjusting knob counterclockwise and slowly open the one-way throttle valve. It is found that the vibration of the guide column decreases from strong to disappear. After repeated operation, the above phenomenon no longer occurs, which proves that the problem lies here

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