In the past, there was a foolish old man, and now

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"There was a foolish old man in ancient times, and now there is a Liugong"

the dream of mankind has been realized because of construction machinery, and China's construction machinery and equipment shine on the world stage because of super engineering. At 21:30 p.m. on February 23, Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong group, visited the CCTV2 "dialogue" column to tell the story behind Liugong and super engineering

from a remote small enterprise in Southwest China to a world-class construction machinery manufacturer with the most complete product line of construction machinery today. Liu Gong is hard-working and unknown at every step. 2: Frame: the frame part of the frame is welded by angle steel, channel steel and other profiles. Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong group, said that since its establishment in 1958, Liugong, 61, has participated in the construction of various economic fields in China. Liugong has contributed countless super equipment to super projects in China and even the world. All kinds of extreme working conditions are inseparable from Liugong super equipment. From the construction of Antarctic scientific research stations to the realization of the dream of Shanghai Tongjiang Yangtze River Bridge, from the mining of Qinghai Salt Lake to the coal mining operations in Harbin and Xinjiang, Liugong equipment is excellent in adapting to various extreme climates and complex geographical conditions, and Liugong manufacturing is excellent

under extreme working conditions, tough equipment is a bright business card of Liugong equipment, which refers to that all Liugong equipment can calmly cope with all the worst environments in the world, whether it is at an altitude of 5000 meters on the plateau, in the Antarctic, or in the desert

in Antarctica, extreme cold with a temperature of -30 degrees or even lower is normal. Most of the equipment of construction machinery works in temperate and tropical regions. In extreme cold conditions, construction machinery is not only useless, but also the steel plate will crack, and the steel plate with such thickness may be cold. However, Liugong equipment still has high stability and reliability under extreme low temperature, maintaining both speed and efficiency

on February 7, 2020, Liugong crane assisted Xuelong 2 in unloading at the Great Wall Station, bringing 236 tons of materials to the Great Wall Station. As far back as a long time ago, Anhui Liugong's first crane TC went to the Antarctic for scientific research in November 2015 to provide equipment support for scientific research. In the Spring Festival of 2016, another TC truck crane entered Zhongshan Station in Antarctica. In 2019, Anhui Liugong aerial work platform also successfully landed in Antarctica, escorting the Antarctic scientific research. Each Liugong equipment that landed in Antarctica has quickly adapted to the harsh working environment in Antarctica with excellent quality and strong strength, fully demonstrating the high reliability and superior performance of Liugong machinery, and won a good reputation in the polar region

more than that, in the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport, a world-class project, Liugong crane formed a strong Liugong corps to escort the successful completion of the super project; Liugong crane participated in the whole process of the Hutong bridge, the world's first highway and railway dual-purpose bridge with a span of more than kilometers and a total length of 11.072 kilometers; At the same time, Liugong crane undertakes important tasks in the Kaishan island construction project of the national defense strategic Island project. There are more large and small projects behind which Liugong equipment shines

in the process of internationalization, India, as Liugong, will serve you wholeheartedly! An important mark on the international stage has always been the important goal of Liugong's overseas strategy in some fields and markets with a strong sense of society. Liugong began to build factories in India in 2008. It took only more than a year for Liugong's Indian factory to be completed and put into operation. Over the past ten years, after countless difficulties and obstacles, Liugong has become the first profitable enterprise in the construction machinery industry in India. In 2019, Liugong tc600c5 truck crane made its debut at India excon exhibition and became a shining star in the audience; At the ARA exhibition held in Orlando, Florida, in early 2020, Liugong launched two new scissor type aerial work platforms for the North American market. This symbolizes that Anliu's international road to the sea has turned a new page

in ancient times, there was Yu Gong, and now there is Liu Gong. Liu Gong will continue to listen to the voice of customers and improve production. How much do you know about horizontal tension machines? Now let's introduce the precautions and functional characteristics of 1 horizontal tension machine. Product quality, as always, will provide high-quality products and services for the global market and contribute to more super projects

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