In the past three years, the cables in Wuhan have

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Over the past three years, cables in Wuhan have been dug more than 50 times a year, resulting in direct economic losses of 10 million yuan. The picture shows: repair site

Chu Tian Metropolis Daily Cao Lei, intern Jiang Yurun

at noon on July 23, due to the construction error of the construction unit of the extension line of Metro Line 2, two underground special high-voltage cables in the Optics Valley square area were cut, and 4000 households in many surrounding shopping malls and three communities suddenly lost power. After the Wuhan power supply company cooperated with the property owner for emergency repair, the power supply was finally restored 10 hours later (this newspaper reported on July 24). Yesterday, the construction unit received a rectification notice from Wuhan Municipal Commission of economy and information technology

according to the data of Wuhan power supply company, for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, there were more than 50 cases of blind and brutal construction damage to transmission lines in Wuhan every year

the rectification includes three items

the damaged road surface is being restored

at 9:00 yesterday morning, Chutian Metropolis Daily came to the gate of Optics Valley world on Luoyu Road, crossed the fence and came to the construction site. The workers are filling the site where the cable was broken before. It was learned that the cable digging in this construction led to a long-term power outage around. Wuhan Municipal Commission of economy and information technology has first confirmed whether the number of revolutions of the rotating pointer reached the maximum, and issued the notice of Wuhan Electric Power administrative law enforcement order for rectification to the construction unit

according to the requirements of the notice, there are three main contents of this rectification: first, otherwise the lens surface will be scratched. First, the dangerous operation of on-site construction must be stopped immediately. Under the guidance and cooperation of the power department, rectification should be carried out in accordance with the standards of safety production, and the work can be resumed only after meeting the requirements; Secondly, if you want to work in the area covered by electricity, you must have administrative approval; Third, the original state of the damaged area of the cable must be restored in time, and all damaged roads and facilities must be restored to the appearance before construction and excavation

the construction party said that it would carry out comprehensive rectification

actively negotiate appeasement and compensation

it is understood that the construction unit began to carry out rectification work after the emergency repair was completed and power transmission was restored, and no further punishment such as fines was imposed this time. The construction unit also said that it would carry out comprehensive rectification according to its responsibilities, and at the same time, it would start to appease and compensate shopping malls and residents' families affected by the cable breach

it can be seen on the site that the excavated cable has not been found on the construction site. In addition to the cable external damage area continuing to be restored and leveled, other roads on the site have been relatively complete, and other construction of the project itself has been suspended

according to the relevant person of the construction party, after the power supply was restored, the unit will deliver watermelon, beverages and other cool materials to the community residents and shopping malls affected by the incident in batches. At present, they are still planning and negotiating relevant appeasement and compensation policies

in the past three years, there have been more than 50 cases of direct economic losses of tens of millions of yuan every year.

in fact, among many construction sites in Wuhan, events such as the excavation of the special high-voltage cable for Optics Valley Plaza are not uncommon. According to the data of Wuhan power supply company, for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, there were more than 50 cases of blind and brutal construction damage to transmission lines in Wuhan every year, and the direct economic loss of the power supply department reached about 10million yuan every year

in this regard, the power sector also called on all large-scale projects to pay attention to reasonable safety measures when carrying out excavation, lifting, piling and other large-scale mechanical construction operations, and it is best to contact and cooperate with the power supply department. Power supply sources also reminded that the accidents caused by the external damage of the construction cannot be predicted, which is consistent with Bayer's sustainable development goal of "human, earth and profit". The time and place of the accident cannot be known in advance, which affects the efficiency of emergency repair, and is easy to cause potential safety hazards to the emergency repair personnel, as well as personal safety problems such as electric shock, high fall, mechanical damage and so on


the breakdown of power facilities is related to the stability of multi-level electricity

it is reported that Wuhan power is the largest power supply hub and power load center in the larger scale that Huazhong power and Hubei power are expected to use in the market. In addition to the power facilities of Wuhan power, there are a large number of ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage power facilities in the territory and transit of national power, which play the role of Three Gorges power transmission, west east power transmission North South mutual supply and National Alliance. If the power facilities of Wuhan electric power are damaged by external forces, it is very likely to endanger the stability of Hubei, central China and even the whole country

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