In the third quarter of 2007, the domestic RFID ma

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In the third quarter of 2007, the domestic RFID market reached 1.168 billion yuan

Analysys International recently released the "China RIFD market data monitoring in the third quarter of 2007", which inspected the Chinese RFID market. Data show that the overall size of China's RFID market reached 1.168 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2007, up 8.6% month on month. Cleaning is also a problem that fatigue testing machines need to pay attention to. This quarter, the UHF band manufacturer yuanwanggu was successfully listed, which led the industry to pay attention to the RFID industry

in the ranking of manufacturers in UHF band, the total market share of yuanwanggu, Xianshi and INTERMEC decreased to 40%, and the market concentration decreased. In the fourth quarter, American alien technology will announce the official establishment of its office in China. As alien increases its investment in the Chinese market, the manufacturer pattern may change

RFID industrial base parks in Dongguan, Foshan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shandong, etc. have been put into implementation one after another, and the government has begun to change its role from the implementation of mandatory RFID promotion projects to the role of backstage R & D support. Therefore, major scientific research institutes control the speed of experiment by rotating the opening size of oil delivery valve (oil inlet) and oil return valve (oil return), and universities have also successively invested in RFID technology research. However, it should be noted that RFID technology needs to be valued at the enterprise end in order to get a large-scale application. Therefore, attention should be paid to the combination of research and practical application, and the support and cooperation of manufacturers can be introduced in the process of research and development

NFC technology, which combines RFID technology with terminals, has received attention among domestic manufacturers, but its R & D strength needs to be further strengthened

from the perspective of user trends, the successful implementation of RFID technology in the Special Olympics has set a good case benchmark for the comprehensive management, security and other applications of major activities in China. In subsequent large-scale sports games, exhibitions and other activities, the demand for RFID technology and the integration of RFID technology with other technologies such as bar codes will slowly rise

2 is that the friction is relatively large and the service life is short. The hidden danger of livestock food safety is becoming increasingly prominent. However, due to the multi head management of government departments, it is difficult to coordinate and the promotion is relatively slow. The establishment of the Olympic food safety system has created a good foundation for the application of RFID animal identification. The application of LF and HF bands in animal identification will increase

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