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Manhumer launched the compressor IOT solution

manhumer launched the compressor IOT solution

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manhumer recently launched the compressor IOT to screw a M20 lifting screw into the rib hole connection solution. With the help of sensors, intelligent filters can be linked with their processes to help compressors improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. In the newly built IOT laboratory in Singapore, mahumer is working with customers to develop IOT solutions suitable for different fields

manhumer's new IOT laboratory in Singapore

Ludwigsburg, June 19, 2017 - German filtration expert manhumer recently launched a compressor IOT solution. The core of the scheme lies in the self-study system, that is, with the help of sensors, it increases the possibility of data generation and exchange between the filter and the process, so as to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Manhumer provides the following application services for compressor manufacturers:

predictive maintenance: the sensor registers the load state of the filter and measures environmental data such as air humidity and temperature, and three new production lines are put into operation, air pressure and so on. This data flow can be used to continuously calculate the impact of increasing load consumption on the remaining service life of the filter. Therefore, we can more accurately predict the next replacement and maintenance time of the filter

identification of original accessories: only the original replacement parts can ensure the smooth operation and normal function of the compressor. The sensor can identify the original replacement parts, and it is very necessary to formulate different protection and maintenance plans, whether they match the compressor

intelligent performance monitoring: this method uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze big data, which can be used to optimize products and their technological processes

IOT is an indispensable and important part of manhumer's R & D strategy, and its goal is to develop and provide intelligent technology suitable for the filter market. In August 2016, manhumer established a new laboratory in Singapore that specializes in IOT research and development. It is one of the few industrial IOT laboratories in Asia that focuses on the research and development of innovative automotive, industrial and commercial air filters. In China's plastic machinery market, it is equipped with a large number of experienced professionals and is committed to introducing modern concepts and solutions. At present, manhumer is cooperating with customers in different fields on many projects

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