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On September 29, 2015, Liu Huaji's home in Woyang County, Anhui Province, had already borne a spider

"rape" instantly broke Liu Huaji's peaceful life for more than ten years

on May 1st, 2015, liuhuaji, a villager of Liuzhu village in Woyang County, Anhui Province, was arrested because he "brought a woman home from Shanghai more than ten years ago, and then locked the woman at home for decades". After identification, the woman suffers from schizophrenia and has asexual prevention ability. At present, Liu Huaji has been prosecuted on suspicion of rape

another reality is that Liu Huaji has lived a family life similar to that of a husband and wife for 13 years and has four children. Because the woman was violent, Liu Huaji often locked her at home

recently, lawyer Kang shirao, Liu Huaji's defender, said in an interview that Liu's behavior was not socially dangerous, but on the contrary, it could play the role of guardianship of mentally ill women and four children. Considering the special circumstances of this family, Liu Huaji is particularly indispensable

after Liu Huaji was arrested, the woman was sent to Fuyang psychiatric hospital for treatment, and the four children were sent to the social welfare center of Woyang county

when the lawyer visited the four children for liuhuaji recently, they asked where her father had gone? This question made the lawyer speechless for a moment, so he could only tell a lie, "I went out to see a doctor with my mother, and I will come back soon."

after Liu Huaji was arrested, her wife was sent to a hospital in Fuyang for treatment, and her four children were also sent to a welfare home

"better than no companion"

poverty and loneliness were the two most frequent friends of Liu Huaji in her youth

rickety back, walking alone in the village, drinking muggy wine from time to time - at that time, Liu Huaji often showed such an image

as the third son born after his mother remarried, he is the youngest in the family. Similar to him, the living conditions of the brothers are not ideal, and even the relationship with the youngest brother in the family is extremely alienated

when Liu Huaji was seven or eight years old, his parents died one after another, and his aunt took care of his daily life alone. But later, my aunt also died

One morning 13 years ago, 35 year old Liu Huaji had an adventure in Shanghai, which made him finally say goodbye to being single

the lawyer paraphrased Liu Huaji's memory: "when I passed by her, she suddenly came up and hugged my leg and didn't let go. I asked her what she wanted to do. She made an 'ah, ah' voice and couldn't speak, but she didn't let go of holding my leg. At that time, I was eating with steamed bread in my hand, so I asked her if she could eat steamed bread? She took it and ate it. She followed me after eating, and she chased me wherever I went."

"at that time, I thought, anyway, I don't have a daughter-in-law. If she naturally follows me, I'll take her home to live. On the day I met her, I took her back to Woyang by bus from Shanghai to Woyang. After coming back, I'll take her to where I live now. My house is the house left by my third brother after his car accident."

for the "unexpected visitors" at home, the sister-in-law Liu Chen's attitude is different from Liu Huaji: "at that time, after reading it, she didn't ask him to ask for it, she couldn't take care of her children, and she couldn't farm. Hua Ji was also angry with me, saying that it was better than no company."

Liu Huaji recalled to the lawyer, "because at that time I was relatively poor and had no money to marry a daughter-in-law. My parents died early. When I saw her chasing me again, I thought I might as well take her home as a daughter-in-law."

the woman adopted by Liu Huaji was locked up in the house, and the wall was smeared with feces

13 years of "wife"

Liu Huaji finally lived with this woman, and it was more than ten years

most villagers know that the woman brought back by Liu Huaji is "Crazy" - in her early years, she ran to the fields naked, or sat in the yard for a whole day. "A little silly, mentally abnormal, and can hit people." This is what the villagers think of her most

"she has always been the same until now: she never speaks, a person is always there in a daze, can't speak, and I've never seen her write." Liu Huaji used this compression shear testing machine mainly for shear elastic modulus, friction coefficient and allowable rotation experiments, which has the following characteristics Oil cylinder type, 4-column structure, high rigidity, low strength and small deformation of the frame, which meets the experimental requirements of highway and railway bridge slabs, tanks and ball bearings. The experimental space is stepless and adjustable, which is convenient for the experimental requirements of different heights At present, there are many kinds of pressure shear testing machines on the market, but the price is also high

due to communication barriers, Liu Huaji never knew the woman's name, ancestral home and age

when Liu Huaji went to work in the field, she would take a woman with her or leave her alone in the house without deliberately locking the door

villagers all say that Liu Huaji is honest and good to women. Sometimes when she goes to work in the field, she doesn't care about eating, and she will remember to serve her vegetables to women

according to Liu Huaji, a month after taking the woman home, they had a relationship. "When we have a relationship, she doesn't react too much, and I haven't seen her shout or resist anything. It's all my own initiative. Most of the time when we have a relationship, it's in the bedroom."

on this issue, Liu Huaji emphasized that when he made this request at first, the other party resisted it until he "took good care of" it for a month, and the other party acquiesced in it

later, Liu Huaji delivered the baby by herself and gave birth to five children with a woman. Except for the third child, both women and men developed normally

according to the registered residence information, Liu Huaji is "married", and among his four children, the eldest and second daughters born together with women have settled down with him

day after day, Liu Huaji took care of the women's daily life. More than a year ago, they welcomed their youngest four sons. Therefore, he expanded his land, rented 40 mu of land from several neighbors for farming, plus the original 6 mu of land from his family, which made agricultural work heavy. Coupled with the crop failure in recent years, the life of the Liu family is still poor

there is only a double bed, a wooden table, a broken refrigerator and an old small TV in the room. The Yellow certificate of her daughter's last semester was pasted on the wall, becoming a rare bright color in the dark and cramped room

according to the villagers, the Liu family didn't even have a bed, and the only double bed was funded by the county government

even though life is difficult, Liu Huaji is unwilling to give up her children

there was a neighbor who wanted to buy children from Liu Huaji's family to raise them, but he refused. He said that his children should be taken care of by himself

Liu Huaji's home is very simple, with only a shabby TV and refrigerator. Some furniture was given to his home by the local government after he was arrested

Due to the sudden intervention of the police, Liu Huaji re realized that his relationship with the woman was completely different from his understanding in the law in the past years

the prosecution alleges that in 2002, Liu Huaji brought a mentally abnormal woman (whose identity is unknown) back to her home in Woyang. Knowing that he had mental illness, he had sex with him and gave birth to four children in succession. Prosecutors believe that Liu Huaji's behavior has constituted the crime of rape

lawyer Kang shirao, Liu Huaji's defender, told pengpai that Liu and the woman had lived together for 13 years, and his subjective mentality was not to use and rape women, but to treat each other as his wife, "take care of them carefully and never abandon them". On the other hand, Liu Huaji's behavior is hardly harmful to society. "His detention directly led to the sending of four underage children to welfare homes and the sending of women to mental hospitals."

the indictment also specifically mentioned that Liu Huaji had kept the woman at home for ten years. But Liu Huaji said it was also a necessity

according to him, about 2003, after steaming the steamed bun in the pot, he asked her to eat it in the kitchen. The steamed bun was hot. He was afraid that she would burn it, so he stopped her from taking it. "Maybe she thought I deliberately didn't give her food, so she took the kitchen knife and cut me twice on the head. Up to now, the calculated value of my head has a scar on my nose."

he still remembers that when the second daughter was only two or three years old, Liu Huaji came back from working in the field. As soon as she entered the gate of the courtyard, she saw her second daughter walking in front of the woman with steamed buns in her hands, "Maybe at that time, she thought it was the child who gave her food, and she bit the child's hand and didn't let go. At that time, I went up and broke the child's hand out of her mouth, and now there is still a little problem with the second finger. After these two things happened, I paid special attention, for fear that she might hurt someone again."

Liu Huaji has been on strict guard since then: when the child is at home, he locks the woman in the bedroom; When the child is away, he locks the gate of the yard to prevent the woman from going out and hurting others

recently, Kang shirao proposed to the prosecution to obtain a guarantor pending trial, but it was ultimately not passed. While using ordinary plastic modification, he could not bear to request collection and retrieval of report materials, and applied for re identification of the mental state, type and sexual defense ability of anonymous women

yaoyoujin, the village Party Secretary of Liuzhu village, told pengpai that after Liu Huaji was arrested, the wheat he planted had been harvested and sold in the village, and the money was saved in the village committee. But the corn is not easy to deal with, because the workload of harvesting and drying is too large. The villagers hope Liu Huaji will come back early, otherwise there will be great losses

the kitchen of Liu Huaji's home was very messy. After his arrest, no one cleaned up the house and covered it with thick ash

after the police took Liu Huaji away, Yao Youjin and the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau sent the children to the county welfare home, and the children cried all the way

on September 24, Liu Huaji saw lawyer Kang shirao in the court. Her first sentence was, "how are the children? Can you study?"

when he knew that his four children were in the welfare home in Woyang County, with books and someone to take care of, the man in his late fifties burst into tears

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