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Man Hummel launched new air filtration technology for commercial vehicles

on October 7, 2008, Shanghai - man Hummel, the world's leading automotive and industrial filter development and manufacturer, recently launched a new spiral rubber wire technology for commercial vehicle air filters. The technology is simple and effective. The metal, plastic and paper shells used before are replaced by special glue wires. These glue lines are wound on the whole air filter with different spool widths, which uniformly fixes the filter paper spacing at all heights. In addition, the higher air flow rate optimizes the filtration capacity and helps reduce fuel consumption

Mann Hummel is the first filter manufacturer to introduce a new spiral rubber line technology for commercial vehicle air filters. The R & D advantage of the new technology is that the filtration capacity is optimized without the use of metal, plastic and paper shells, thereby improving the balance between energy, carbon dioxide and raw materials. Spiral glue line technology complements the existing air filters in the independent parts market

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this spiral rubber wire technology also improves the filter strength, and even when driving in the rain, the infiltration of moisture will not affect its performance. The filter with new technology can also ensure better air quality for the engine, and it is no exception in the harsh operating environment. The rubber wire above the filter is tightly wound, which enhances the protective effect and helps to prevent the filter coil from being damaged during installation. Because there is no need for metal, plastic and paper shells, it can help filter experts save resources, which plays a very important role in saving energy in the production process. In addition, it also plays a role in the heat dissipation of the filter. This strange clearing device is composed of 40 feet (1 foot about 0.3048 meters) long tubes - ironically, these tubes are also the positive role of plastic. The seal of air filter element adopts noise proof design

man Hummer has many years of rich experience in spiral glue line technology with the recovery of economy. As a development partner and supplier of series products in the international automotive industry, man Hummel also supplies spiral rubber line oil filters for world-renowned commercial vehicle manufacturers. The stability of the oil filter element under high load has been verified by high temperature and aggressive oil

man Hummel provides man brand spiral rubber line oil filter and air filter for the parts market. Man brand filters all reach OE quality

about man Hummer group

man Hummer group is committed to developing and providing original supporting equipment for the international automotive industry and construction machinery industry. At present, Mann Hummel group has 11500 employees in 41 regions around the world, and its turnover reached 1.75 billion euros in 2007. In the automotive industry, man HUMMEL's products include multifunctional plastic air filtration systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filtration systems, air conditioning filters and cylinder head covers, as well as filter elements for vehicle after-sales service and maintenance. In the fields of general engineering, processing engineering and industrial manufacturing, Mann Hummel integrates and improves the existing platform resources such as testing and evaluation, design and utilization, big data, etc., including industrial filters, and a series of products that can reduce diesel smoke emissions, such as filtration systems, material processing systems and equipment. For more information about man Hummel, please visit

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