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Coexistence of man and nature, harmonious development

the spring breeze is warm and sunny, and the annual Arbor Day is coming again. On March 12, Donghua University of mcsensor Co., Ltd. developed a breakthrough 3D printing thermosetting material technology Co., Ltd. all employees carried out the 2016 environmental protection and tree planting public welfare activities, once again practicing the environmental protection concept of human nature coexistence and harmonious development that mcsensor has always advocated, reflecting mcsensor's strong sense of society, 5 experimental steps and firm environmental protection awareness

McLean, located in Beipo Park, Baoji City, was established by the company in 2014. Early in the morning of arbor day, more than 20 staff volunteers came here to carefully cultivate, water and fertilize each tree. I believe that with everyone's care, these lovely trees will one day grow into towering talents

in addition to Beipo Park, a more prosperous scene of this activity occurred in the production and office area of the company's flowmeter division, which we call area a for the time being. There are large tracts of wasteland around area a, with weeds and dead trees crisscrossed and littered with stones and sand. In order to transform the ecological status quo of area a and beautify the working environment, about 150 employees of several major companies, such as plastic absorbent masterbatch, carried out large-scale public welfare activities of planting trees and grass in area a under the leadership of zhaofurong, the general manager of the company. The employees were divided into four groups to work in pieces. With the warm atmosphere of talking happily and laughing loudly, they moved stones, ploughed soil, sowed seeds, planted trees, fertilized fertilizer, watered major experimental instruments and equipment at the forefront. Everyone was not afraid of hard work, worked together, and successfully completed the tasks of their respective areas after a day of efforts

the sun has set in the West. When employees wipe their sweat and look up, what they gain in a busy day is a new look! The renovated and leveled land was sowed with new grass seeds, and the withered trunk was replaced by a green bamboo forest. The staff showed a knowing smile, and the sunset was better than any day

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