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Manhumer announced the financial report for the first half of 2017

Ludwigsburg/Frankfurt, September 19, 2017 - reducing unnecessary environmental impact - filter expert manhumer recently announced the financial report for the first half of 2017: an overall increase of 22%, sales of 1.95 billion euros (automatic shutdown due to exchange rate impact (with slight adjustment of the limit protection function), An increase of 350million euros over the same period last year (sales of 1.6 billion euros in the same period last year), which also includes the acquisition of afinia filtration business. The number of employees has always remained at about 20000. Manhumer will show a number of new products at the Frankfurt Motor Show, including filtration solutions for internal combustion engines and other alternative (internal combustion engine) drive systems, as well as measures to reduce vehicle pollutant emissions

looking back on the first half of 2017, mahumer was satisfied with the operating results. The main factors driving the benign development of sales and EBIT are the growth of after-sales market and industrial filtration business. The mainframe business is almost flat compared with last year. The strong sales growth mainly came from acquisitions, while manhumer's own business increased by 5%

cautiously predict the annual performance

Mr. Alfred Weber, President and CEO of manhumer, said: "manhumer was harmless to human health in the first half of this year, and the overall development was good. We expect the growth rate to slow down slightly in the second half of this year, but manhumer will achieve the expectations of 2017."

the acquisition of afinia filtration business has contributed to the substantial growth of the company's performance. Manhumer and afinia, who continue to implement standardized management of industrial standards, complement each other in professional knowledge and customer contact. Under this complementary relationship, manhumer can now provide customers with more dynamic products and services. Investment in R & D is also seen as another driving force for the company's innovation and future development

innovative development

in recent weeks, manhumer has also tried to use the fine ash particle filter to demonstrate its innovation, which is a research project aimed at reducing the level of particle pollution. The test vehicle is equipped with three applications: a filter installed on the top of the vehicle separates particles from the surrounding air; The innovative air conditioning filter in the car provides protection for passengers in the car; The new brake dust particle filter installed on the brake system can prevent particles from being discharged into the surrounding air

Mann Hummel ranks among the top 50 companies with the most patent applications selected by the German Patent and Trademark Office, which fully reflects its innovation ability. Manhumer has more than 3000 patent applications, patents and utility model patents

2017 Frankfurt auto show

manhumer will show the latest research and development achievements at Frankfurt auto show, and the booth is located at hall 8, D37. The products on display this time will cover the following fields:

● other alternative (internal combustion engine) drive systems

- energy efficiency Switchable in car air conditioning filtration system

- filtration solutions for electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles

● markets with challenging operating conditions

- high efficiency and long life fiber separator and high reliability pressure control valve

- fuel filtration module with high-efficiency three-stage water separation function

● function improvement and design for compact installation space

- Flexible filter element of air filtration system

- designed for The concept of horizontal fuel filter with compact installation space design

- active intake manifold with integrated intercooler

● fine ash particulate filter "(to be displayed at the external exhibition area of Frankfurt Motor Show - West f847), including the following products:

- fine ash particulate filter

- brake dust particulate filter

- fine particle filter with NO2 removal function

member of the board of mahumer, From left to right are Josef parzhuber, emese Weissenbacher, Alfred Weber, Kai knickmann and hansj ö RG Herrmann

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