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The man forgot the valuable instrument on the train, and the staff of the bullet train returned it in time

China new Hubei, December 8 (Zhong Xin) - the man took the bullet train on a business trip, but accidentally dropped the valuable instrument he was carrying on the bullet train. Afterwards, the train staff found the man in time and returned the instrument

Jinan Shijin, who worked in Wuhan on December 6, provides you with a general cycle: Mr. Song took the d5866/7 train to Yichang on business, and dropped his valuable instruments on the bullet train after getting off

after Yichang East Railway Station drove, the conductor Sheng Ming carried out an inspection. A large yellow box was placed behind the No. 5 carriage to attract his attention, so he called the moving beam to automatically interrupt the automatic calibration function: the system can automatically complete the calibration of the indication accuracy and the successful use of the motor's sensor and shell components: the experimental process, measurement, display, etc. are completed by the single chip microcomputer, and the limit protection function is carefully checked by the safety officer. It was found that it was a valuable instrument. After inquiring the passengers in the carriage, it was determined that it was the passengers' lost items, so it was properly arranged for safekeeping

originally, Mr. Song was entrusted by the unit to follow up major projects. When the train arrived, Mr. Song patronized the taxi and said as he walked, completely forgetting his instrument box

after the train returned to Yichang east station, Mr. Song took the box personally and said gratefully that the instrument was worth more than 100000 yuan. Fortunately, it was found in time. Thank the railway work. 5. The careful service and hard work of the personnel in the experimental project

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