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Malvern particle image analyzer expands the field of pharmaceutical research and development

Solvay pharmaceutical company (Marietta, GA, USA) is the first company in the United States to install Malvern's innovative morphologig3 particle image analysis system. Once the morphologig3 system was launched, the company immediately invested and installed the equipment in January 2008. Since then, the R & D team of the company has made full use of the performance of the system to generate a comprehensive distinction between them, which is mainly reflected in the configuration of particle shape and particle size data. Solv China has achieved international standards in the research and development of many materials. Mychaelscoggins, a scientist of ay, believes that the comprehensiveness of the data provided by G3 can achieve more insightful material analysis. "It is loved by everyone in the company." He said

"morphologig3 analyzes particle shape and particle size, which expands another new field for the effectiveness of particle analysis data," mycoelscoggins said. "This is beneficial to the research and development work. It helps us to better understand the materials processed and their possible functions. Previously, many of our particle analysis work was outsourced, but now, we benefit greatly from the shortening of research and development time and the great wealth of data. We have the ability to detect more samples faster and interpret the generated data within the company." Talking about the practicality of using morphologig3, He continued: "This system has realized automation, intuitive use, and almost no sample preparation. Since most of our materials are dry dispersed phases, we prefer the integrated sample dispersion unit. In fact, we have purchased an additional sample room, so that we can test one sample while preparing another. In essence, we can enter while determining Do other work. "

solvay pharmaceutical's R & D team also carried out some wet operations. In a study of wet granulation, the R & D team studied the relationship between granulation time, the amount of granulation solution sprayed and particle size increase. Mychael said, "it is a useful operation for measuring the increase of particles to study the continuity of particle size and shape at the same time." In the future, the team also plans to use morphologig3 equipment to analyze the foreign particles collected by the filter

the morphologig3 particle image analyzer produced by Malvern instruments integrates microscope and image analysis, and is used to determine the particle size, shape and strength of particles with a particle size of 0.5 to 10000m. It can capture and store the image of each particle detected. Powerful software means that with just a few clicks of the mouse, data can be transformed into useful information, enabling users to make decisions quickly and confidently

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about Malvern instruments

Malvern instruments limited, founded in 1963, is the inventor of laser particle size analyzer. Its headquarters also has a great impact on the plastics and plastic waste recycling industry. It is located in Malvern City, the UK with the highest knowledge density, and its predecessor is the UK defense industry laboratory

as a globally recognized pioneer in material characterization technology and industry standard, Malvern's products and technologies embody the latest achievements in the development of molecular configuration, rheological property analysis and particle characterization technology, and are widely used in the fields of finished product inspection and single material index test of many suitable industrial and mining enterprises, such as protein, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, petroleum, ceramics, powder, coating, cement and military industry

at present, Malvern company has many branches all over the world, with users in 86 countries and regions As a member of spectris group, Marvin instruments has Asia Pacific Technology Application Laboratory and four offices in China. Its headquarters is located in Shanghai, and other offices include Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu

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