The hottest man borrows money from a small loan co

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The man borrowed money from a small loan company for emergency 400000 real banknotes in exchange for 3.16 million Ming coins

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years ago, a boss surnamed Feng tried to borrow money because the company's capital turnover was not open. After being introduced by a friend, he met president Zhao, who called himself a small loan company. The two made an appointment. President Zhao borrowed 3.16 million yuan from boss Feng, who had to pay 400000 yuan of interest on the spot. But no one expected that the money that Mr. Zhao lent boss Feng with a password box full of money was all ghost money except for one that appeared to be real money. At present, the three suspects involved in the crime are under criminal detention according to law on suspicion of fraud

difficulty in capital turnover at the end of the year

the boss wants to borrow money from a small loan company for emergencies

boss Feng runs a company in Yangzhou. It is almost the end of the year, because the company is not well managed, there is a situation of capital turnover. In order to tide over this difficulty, boss Feng decided to find a way to get some money back first. It is impossible to get loans from the bank through formal channels. According to a friend, he met a plastic testing machine that claims to be a small loan company. Precautions for the installation and use of general manager Zhao. After some understanding, Zhao Zong said that according to boss Feng's assets, he could lend him 3.16 million yuan, but according to the rules, boss Feng must pay 400000 yuan of interest

"can't you deduct the interest of 400000 yuan directly from this 3.16 million?" Boss Feng questioned at that time, but Mr. Zhao said that he couldn't. He had to "pay money and interest on the one hand". In order to get the money as soon as possible, boss Feng can't care so much anymore. They made an appointment to trade in a cafe in Hanjiang District on the afternoon of February 3

borrow money and pay interest in advance

400000 real money in exchange for 3.16 million Ming coins

at more than 3 p.m. on February 3, boss Feng came to the coffee shop as promised. At this time, president Zhao arrived early, and there was a person sitting next to him, who claimed to be president Liu of the small loan company. After the three exchanged greetings, President Liu took a password box he had brought to the table and opened it

"the money in the box is neatly placed. At first glance, it doesn't look different." Boss Feng recalled. In order to reassure boss Feng, President Liu quickly pulled out a bundle of cash from the box, opened the wrapping paper with scissors, and put the money on their own cash detector. It was all real money. In front of boss Feng, President Liu checked two bundles of money again and again, but there was nothing different. "It's almost enough to check a few bundles. It's not as if you'll check all the money." Mr. Liu said. Boss Feng thought it was reasonable, so he didn't continue the test

then, President Liu covered the box and locked the password lock. Boss Feng also paid the interest of 400000 yuan to the other party in a lump sum as agreed, and the transaction was completed

after leaving the coffee shop, boss Feng returned home with a password box of 3.16 million yuan, but he found that he had forgotten to ask for the password, so he contacted president Zhao, "I called several times at that time, but I couldn't get through." Helpless, boss Feng had to smash the password lock with a hammer and open the box

after opening the box and taking out the money, boss Feng suddenly looked silly. Except for the surface of a piece of real money, the following pieces were all ghost coins. "I was cheated out of 400000 yuan." Boss Feng hurried to hanshang police station of Hanjiang public security branch under the jurisdiction to call the police for help

police investigation

the three people committed the crime together and monitored the traces of exposure

after receiving the alarm, the police handling the case immediately began to investigate. The police handling the case first transferred the location of the coffee shop that was convenient for detection; The servo motor drives the precision lead screw to drive the loading actuator to move along the Z axis to monitor the application of experimental force. From the monitoring, the police accidentally found that there was another woman involved in the crime. "The woman was the first to come to the coffee shop, and she brought the transaction box to the coffee shop. After booking a seat with the waiter, she turned around the coffee shop for two times. After finding no suspicious person, she contacted president Liu and gave the box to him. It can be seen that the woman came to the front station in advance." The police handling the case told

then, according to the monitoring outside the coffee shop, the police found that Zhao and President Liu left the scene in a taxi after committing the crime. According to the monitoring along the road, the police handling the case determined the temporary residence of the three suspects - a hotel in Hanjiang District. Subsequently, the physical characteristics and identities of the three suspects were further confirmed

On the evening of February 18, three suspects were successively arrested in Lixin County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, and the case was successfully solved

the suspect confessed

a special password box, which was transferred after the real money was checked

after investigation, Mr. Zhao's original name was Ma, and he is 52 years old this year; Mr. Liu, formerly known as Mr. Li, is 45 years old this year; Another woman, Zhang, 51, is Ma's ex-wife. According to the confession of the three people, they made a special trip from Anhui to Yangzhou to commit fraud

according to Ma, the password box they use for trading is actually special, which can only be opened at a 45 degree angle. Generally, nothing unusual can be seen in the dim light. "At the time of trading, we will put several bundles of real money in the box cover passive building technology in advance, which can reduce the active energy input and reduce the construction cost, for testing. At the same time, we will let another person talk to each other from time to time to disturb his attention, and then quietly hide the real money after testing." Ma said

at present, the three suspects are under criminal detention according to law for suspected fraud, and the case is still under further investigation

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