The hottest man contacted the victim after robbery

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After the robbery, the man contacted the victim to make up: sorry to take your money

the suspect Lu said, "I said it's not beautiful to take your money. I'm very grateful to our company. It's about a week after the Lunar New Year's Eve, I'll call you." (video screenshot)

Qilu, April 20 (Shandong Taiwan Han Xue, Jining Taiwan Li Chun, Zhang Wenfeng) after a robber in Jining kidnapped a young couple with a knife, he sent a message to the beneficiaries advocating to make up for the loss

according to Shandong broadcast television public channel "yiyirensheng through train", not long ago, Mr. Wang in Jining suffered a shocking scene, "pulling his daughter-in-law from the parking space over there, saying, in an unknown environment, someone went down with a knife." Mr. Wang and his wife were robbed of their cash and gold and silver jewelry, with a loss of more than 100000 yuan. "He said I didn't hurt people, just for money. Just give me the money directly."

just when the Yimin police stopped their in-depth inquiry and visit to the case, I didn't expect that the robber took the initiative to call Mr. Wang to make up for their loss. "His thoughts are completely different from those of ordinary people. He robbed you or kidnapped you. I'll contact you after asking for the money." Yi People's police happened to follow its molecular structure, and after careful design, the suspect Lu was soon arrested

originally, in order to repay the gambling debt, this Lu forced Liangshan to abduct Mr. Wang and teacher Jia couple. But why did he call again to "appease" de LV Feng and ask for understanding? Suspect Lu said: it is applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. "I said it's not beautiful to take your money. I'll call you in about a week after the Lunar New Year's Eve. If it's OK, if there's anything, I'll do something for you." Of course

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