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Good partner for weekend travel! Yuzhan b520 mobile power is the best choice

midsummer has arrived. It's time to take advantage of the good weather to go out for an outing, and get ready to start a walk away trip! In fact, traveling doesn't necessarily take too long. Instead, you can take advantage of the two-day weekend holiday to have a peripheral trip, which can not only save time, but also go to more good places. For example, it can be like this:

A: what are your plans for the holiday

b: take your girlfriend to Tianjin eye

A: take a hard rest. Where to play

B: I've been in Beijing for so long and haven't climbed the Great Wall yet

man: I must make a good plan this weekend

gay man: Yes, we can't stay at home anymore. People who face computers every day have to give up in advance. Why don't we go for a walk by the West Lake

since we are going to go out for an outing, we must plan our trip and tidy up our luggage. This equipment must be complete. When we go out for fun, we must bring enough clothes, and we can't lack toiletries. We can't forget it. Then what else is there, such as a selfie stick, a camera? Chargers, headphones and iPad suddenly find themselves carrying so many electronic devices. They are all big power consumers. What can we do? Fortunately, I can feel your sorrow, so I will recommend Yuzhan b520 mobile power supply for you. It is definitely the system and working principle of your brigade digital display universal material experimental machine: the most portable mobile power supply on the road

Yuzhan b520 mobile can communicate with the company. The appearance design is calm and introverted, while not losing a low-key luxury. The high-capacity charging capacity is more efficient, and this performance is even better than foreign products, which can supply more power to digital devices

Yuzhan b520 mobile power supply has led lights on the shell, which can clearly reflect the battery capacity. Built in 4 LED power indicators, with streamlined design, can clearly display the available power status

Yuzhan b520 mobile power supply has dual USB interfaces, which can provide 2.1a voltage output capacity, and can quickly charge two 3C products at the same time, giving full play to the charging efficiency. Yuzhan b520 has a 10000mah super large capacity lithium polymer battery inside, which can provide four complete charging cycles for smart models of various brands, so that you can have no worries about traveling outside, take photos and have fun

in addition, the high-capacity lithium polymer battery inside Yuzhan b520 mobile power supply is lighter and safer, providing overload protection and leakage protection functions, which is more stable and safe than general battery packs. Yuzhan b520 mobile power supply uses an iron gray aluminum alloy shell outside, which is calm and luxurious, and the arc-shaped edge design conforms to ergonomics, creating a comfortable hand touch

nowadays, mobile power has become an indispensable part of people's daily life, and mobile power is no longer limited to the role of supporting mobile products. Whether it is fashionable appearance or practical interior equipment, its importance is increasing day by day. Yuzhan b520 mobile power supply can not only show that the number of international enterprises attracted by this exhibition has increased compared with previous years, but also show the trend of taste. It is internally equipped with thin lithium polymer batteries. By optimizing the charging quality and stability, it has the characteristics of large capacity, fast heat dissipation and high safety. It is a necessary product for travel

finally, Yuzhan b520 mobile power has passed CE, FCC and BSMI safety inspection certification, and the quality is strictly controlled. There is no need to worry about product guarantee and safety. Six layers of intelligent safety protection, such as overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, input overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, can completely isolate the danger, so that you can enjoy a convenient and humanized travel life

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