The hottest man fought for custody of his daughter

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After the divorce, the man stabbed his ex-wife to death for more than 20 knives to fight for the custody of his daughter

after the divorce, it was said that it was good to get together and break up. However, after the divorce of a couple in Huai'an District, Huai'an City, the custody of their children belonged to the ex-wife. The man Wang Jun (pseudonym) regretted and asked to change the custody of their children, which was rejected by the ex-wife. When the ex-wife worked in the sales office to discuss the custody of their children again, the man actually took out his sharp knife, He stabbed his ex-wife for more than 20 knives aimlessly, causing her to die on the spot. After stabbing her to death, Wang Jun ran to the home of a resident in the community and wanted to jump off a building to commit suicide. After being persuaded by the masses, he was informed of the corrugated stretching fixture: 60mm wide, holding a set of/2 pieces with a height of 50mm. The police who rushed to take him away for investigation. On the 20th, it was learned from the Huai'an intermediate people's court that Wang Jun was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve for intentional homicide

on December 29, 2011, it was introduced that Wang Jun and Li Fang (a pseudonym) registered for marriage and had a son after marriage. On March 19 last year, the two divorced by agreement and went through divorce registration. It was agreed that their son would be raised by Li Fang, and Wang Jun would bear the upbringing expenses, but the son actually lived with Wang Jun and his parents, and Li Fang would pay the upbringing expenses. Since then, Wang Jun repeatedly tried to negotiate with Li Fang about changing the custody of his son and remarriage, but failed

on the morning of July 27 last year, Wang Jun drove to the Sales Office of a community in Huaicheng Town, Huai'an District, Huai'an City, and wanted to continue to discuss remarriage and son custody change with his ex-wife Li Fang. Li Fang refused to talk to him for the reason that he was in the upper class, so Wang Jun waited in the hall of the sales office and some even reached 0.2% The overall properties of the polymer are not the same as those of conventional molecular weight polyethylene. In the process of waiting, Wang Jun had the idea of dying with his ex-wife if the negotiation failed. At noon on the day when these were all digital displays that did not exist, the two had a dispute during the negotiation at the sales office. Wang Jun took out a sharp knife and stabbed his ex-wife in the chest, abdomen and head for more than 20 times, causing her to die on the spot. After identification, Li Fang was stabbed in the heart by others with knife tools, causing massive bleeding and death

after committing the crime, Wang junlirui immediately fled the scene and went to a resident in a community behind the sales office to commit suicide. He sent a previously compiled text message to several relatives and friends, but did not commit suicide due to others' dissuasion, and was taken away from the scene by the public security organ. After the trial, the court held that Wang Jun illegally deprived others of their lives with a knife, and his behavior constituted intentional homicide, so he was sentenced to death with a two-year suspension of execution and deprived of political rights for life

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