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2006 China International gear transmission and equipment exhibition impressions

1 overview of 2006 China International gear transmission and equipment exhibition

the "2006 China International gear transmission and equipment exhibition" hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation and organized by China gear professional association and Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center from September 25 to 28, 2006. Many well-known gear and gear transmission equipment manufacturers at home and abroad attach great importance to and actively participate in this exhibition. There are 137 exhibitors at home and abroad, including 36 exhibitors in the international exhibition area. Leaders of the Machinery Industry Federation and the gear professional association visited the exhibition in person and expressed their concern about the exhibition. This exhibition has also been widely valued by peers in the industry. There is a great enthusiasm for visitors to the exhibition. Many enterprises also bring specific products and practical problems to the exhibition to consult and contact, seek solutions, and purchase new technologies and advanced equipment. The technical lectures held at the exhibition also provide a window for attendees who only need to wear conventional accessories to understand the development trend of gear transmission technology and equipment

gears and gear transmission devices are important and key supporting components of mechanical equipment. China's gear industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and has formed a considerable production scale and strong production capacity. The product level is also constantly improving. China is moving forward from a large gear production country to a powerful gear manufacturing and export country. As a "gear transmission international trade platform", China International gear transmission and equipment exhibition is receiving more and more attention from gear and gear transmission equipment manufacturers at home and abroad

gear testing technology and testing instruments are the key technologies and equipment of gear manufacturing. Using advanced detection technology and instruments, we can not only accurately and efficiently evaluate and monitor the quality of gear products and gear transmission devices, but also effectively diagnose the processing technology system through the analysis of measurement data, so as to point out the direction for improving the quality of gear processing. Therefore, advanced gear measuring instruments with high precision and high performance have become the preferred choice of gear manufacturers

in recent years, the development and innovation of domestic gear measuring instruments have achieved initial results and made gratifying progress. In the domestic exhibition area of this exhibition, the gear measuring instruments exhibited by Harbin Measuring and cutting tools Group Co., Ltd. and Harbin Jingda measuring instruments Co., Ltd. are quite eye-catching. The gear measuring instrument exhibition area of Harbin quantity group is the largest, and the spiral bevel gear measurement technology of the "CNC gear measurement center" on display is increasingly mature and perfect; Harbin Jingda Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd. launched the recently developed 1m gear measuring center. The instrument adopts granite base, and the overall design of the appearance is impressive

among the foreign exhibitors appearing in the international exhibition area, the advanced gear measurement technology and instruments of Tokyo Technology (Tokyo) Co., Ltd. from Japan are eye-catching. Here is a key introduction

2 introduction to gear measuring instruments of Tokyo technology

Tokyo Technology (Tokyo) Co., Ltd., founded in 1972, is a Japanese gear measuring instrument manufacturer with the most dynamic performance in China's gear measuring instrument market in recent years. Although the scale of the company is not too large, it has a complete range of products, advanced technology and reliable quality. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, and its business is located in Nagoya. Its manufacturing and assembly plant is located in Takeshi. The enterprise adopts the dumbbell structure mode, including design, development, assembly and debugging, while the machine parts are processed outside, and the products are sold by many agent companies. In addition to being sold in the Japanese market, the products are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, mainland China, Taiwan and other places. The pre-sales and after-sales services of products in the mainland market are mainly undertaken by the technicians of the company's Shanghai office

the gear measuring instruments of the company are mainly divided into the following four categories:

(1) TTI series coordinate CNC gear measuring center

this series of measuring instruments is the leading product of the company. According to the different diameters and modulus of the tested gears, different models and specifications of measuring instruments can be provided, including: seat type tti-120e, tti-150e, tti-300e, tti-450e, tti-600e, tti-800e, tti-1200e and tti-1500e, etc. The instrument has high measurement accuracy, good reliability, strong software function and convenient use

(2) TF series CNC gear double-sided meshing rolling tester

this series models include TF-40NC (desktop), tf-66nc (seat type) and tf-100 medium temperature NC. Among them, TF-40NC gear double-sided meshing rolling tester is mainly used for precision detection and quality monitoring of small-scale precision electromechanical products such as clocks, cameras and working machinery products. It is said to be the world's first CNC gear double-sided meshing rolling tester, with high efficiency, high precision and high stability. This series of measuring instruments has the function of automatic calibration of the center distance zero position, which can display the average value, maximum value and minimum value of the center distance. Household appliances and automotive related products cannot be painted or painted in time. It is equipped with special software and operating procedures, which can compensate the radial runout of the measuring gear (master gear), and improve the measurement accuracy

(3) SCL series Movable CNC tooth profile and direction measuring instrument

the series models include scl-150s and scl-250s, which are developed to meet the needs of frequent moving of the instrument. The base is equipped with rollers. It is said to be the first ultra small movable CNC tooth profile and direction measuring instrument developed in the world. The measuring instrument is light in weight and designed with a simple adjustment structure, which can realize the rapid manual leveling and alignment of the instrument; It can also be equipped with a gravity direction sensor to realize the automatic leveling function. The instrument is also equipped with a wireless information transmission device. The two-way wireless transmission of measurement data can be realized between the measuring instrument and the main control computer, which greatly facilitates the centralized management of information and temporary rapid scheduling on the workshop site, and has strong practicability

(4) CNC universal gear detector

the model of the instrument is ecs-35uv. The instrument adopts the measuring mechanism developed by the company itself. It can quickly and accurately measure the ring gear radial runout and tooth thickness of cylindrical spur gear, helical gear and bevel gear only by inputting the gear parameters

3 technical characteristics of TTI series gear measuring center

as the company's leading product, the technical characteristics of TTI series gear measuring center can be summarized as follows:

(1) the main body of mechanical structure (including base, measuring column and workpiece column, etc.) adopts symmetrical design, which ensures the high accuracy and good accuracy retention of the instrument

(2) adopt electronic generative dynamic data DDC closed-loop measurement method (four axis control)

(3) adopt high-precision, high-resolution, high-frequency response stepping motor digital synchronous drive system (four axis control)

(4) adopt self-developed high-precision, high-resolution two-dimensional or three-dimensional probe (including analog probe and newly developed digital probe). The probe can also measure the position of the upper and lower end faces of the gear shaving cutter, and there is no need to reinstall and debug the probe when measuring the worm gear. The analog measuring head is equipped with an automatic zero crossing start-up measuring device, which eliminates the influence of the zero drift of the probe sensor on the measurement accuracy. In order to adapt to the development trend of digital measurement technology, the company will no longer use analog probe in the future, and will develop and use high-precision digital grating probe on the instrument

(5) the operation function keyboard of the instrument is placed on the side of the column of the workpiece to be measured, which optimizes the symmetrical design of the instrument, saves the instrument space and is more convenient for operation

(6) the measurement software has rich functions, which can measure involute internal and external cylindrical spur gears and helical gears, various gear cutters (hobs, gear shapers, shaving cutters), worm gears, straight bevel gears, rectangular splines and other workpieces, and has the function of mapping gears with unknown parameters. In addition to detecting the tooth shape (the tooth shape in the upper, middle and lower sections), tooth direction (the tooth direction at the top, pitch and root of the tooth) and tooth pitch deviation of the gear including the trimmed gear, it can also measure the contact line and meshing line error of the gear. The measurement software also has the function of comparing the measured data of any gear error curve (such as the comparison of the accuracy changes of gears before and after heating) and the statistical data processing function of the measured data of multiple groups of gear error curves, which is convenient for the gear manufacturer to track and monitor the quality of batch products, as well as to diagnose, evaluate and predict the gear processing technology system

(7) it has rich self diagnosis procedures, which can automatically detect and evaluate the static accuracy of the instrument itself and the running state of each drive shaft, and provides a technical foundation for improving the reliability of the instrument, ensuring the measurement accuracy of the instrument, and monitoring the measurement accuracy of the instrument in time

(8) it has the functions of wireless transmission and two-way communication of measurement parameters and data, can realize the integration of digital design, processing and measurement of gears through local area network (LAN), and build an advanced gear manufacturing network system (the system has been successfully applied to an automobile gear manufacturer in South Korea)

4 impressions and suggestions

it can be seen from the 2006 International gear transmission and equipment exhibition that through the rapid development in recent years, China has basically had the strength to compete with similar products in developed countries in the technical principle of gear measurement, the variety and specification of measuring instruments and the main measurement functions, but in the main structure design of measuring instruments The design and manufacturing of key parts still lack strong independent development ability and innovative features, especially in the adaptability of the instrument to the workshop production site and the convenience of operation and use, which is far from foreign products. The design and development of gear measuring instruments in China should further enrich and improve the functions of measurement software (such as the comparison function of measurement results, the statistical analysis function of batch measurement results, etc.) to facilitate the quality management of gear production and the optimization and improvement of gear manufacturing process. In addition, integrating advanced information technology into CNC gear measuring machine, building a networked gear measuring system including wireless data transmission and local communication, and even forming a networked digital gear manufacturing system together with the main control computer and CNC gear processing machine tool, is an important development direction of international advanced gear measuring instruments. In this regard, the development and achievements of Tokyo Technology Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) in the research and development of gear measurement technology and products deserve our attention and reference. (end)

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