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A man climbed a 15 meter high pole in Jizhou for stealing cables

(original title: a man climbed a 15 meter high pole in Jizhou for stealing cables)

recently, three consecutive cases of theft of coal to electricity cables occurred in Baijian Town, Jizhou district. After the incident, Baijian police station of Jizhou branch of the Public Security Bureau, together with Bangjun police station and the graphic Investigation Department of the branch, launched an investigation and found that the location of the theft was an adjacent village, and the crime methods were similar. However, as the crime occurred late at night, the police did not find any valuable clues during the visit, which focused on breaking through the core technologies in the key areas of new materials. So, how did Jizhou police solve this case

recently, Baijian police station received an alarm from a power engineering employee that cables were stolen at two construction sites in a village and a construction site in a neighboring village. The police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate

during the inspection, the police found that the stolen cables were copper core cables used in the construction of the coal to electricity project. There were six stolen cables, with a total length of more than 70 meters, and the amount involved was more than 40000 yuan. It is understood that these cables are 1000V high-voltage lines at the west end of a village, which are special heating lines in winter. At present, the project has been completed. For the tensile test of specimens of different specifications, some lines have been threaded to the top of the line, but there is no power on. The suspect climbed a 15 meter high pole and committed the crime with a special wire breaker

the police retrieved the surrounding surveillance video. Because it was late at night at the time of the crime, they could only judge by the weak light that during the time of the crime, there were vehicles staying nearby for about an hour, but they could not distinguish the license plate number. Through careful identification, the police found that the shape of the tail lamp of the car was relatively special, which should be an off-road jeep

through the graphic Investigation Department of the Branch Bureau, the vehicles entering the vicinity of the crime scene were analyzed during the time period of the crime, and the last jeep with Su Zi license plate came into the sight of the police. The police believed that the jeep was suspected of committing a major crime. After careful identification, the police found that the rear seat of the car was covered with a quilt, which seemed to be deliberately sheltering

through the license plate inquiry, the police found that the car belonged to a company, and in the monitoring 200 meters away from the scene of the crime, a fuzzy figure was walking towards the direction of the scene of the crime. After about 30 minutes, the screw rod used was Germany's ulleneff high-precision seamless ball screw rod, which was lost in the dark

subsequently, the police expanded the scope of investigation. After a lot of work, the police found that the quilt on the back seat of the car was missing when they were passing through the snapshot section of the basic highway of Jinwei. It is inferred that the suspect may have sold stolen goods in this section

sure enough, after the police visited and investigated, a nearby waste purchase Station attracted the attention of the police. Through the surveillance video, the police saw the car go around, drive retrogradely into the waste purchase station, stay for 20 minutes, and then come out to continue driving. In the subsequent inspection, the police found the skin of the stolen cable in the corner of the yard

"we felt that he stole it. We didn't ask much, so we charged it at a low price." The waste collection station was opened by a middle-aged couple. Because they stayed by the road, their business was very good. After the police interrogation, the suspect Geng and Yang admitted the criminal fact of purchasing the stolen cable, but they still failed to provide the effective information of the theft suspect, and the case detection was at an impasse

according to work experience and police analysis, the suspect is likely to have stepped on the spot before the crime, so a large number of videos before the crime were retrieved and analyzed. Sure enough, a red Santana with Ji license plate came into the sight of the police

"the sun visor is also used to block, the path is consistent, and the physical characteristics of drivers are also very similar." The police initially concluded that the car was a spot car. Then through a car to find people, the police determined the owner's information. After comparison, the owner was one of the suspects who sold the stolen goods

accordingly, the police found the clue that the suspect settled in Miyun, Beijing through the Beijing Tianjin Hebei police cooperation platform. The police rushed to Beijing without stopping. With the assistance of the local public security organ, find the suspect's temporary residence. At this time, the suspect happened to be at home. The police pretended that the staff knocked on the door and arrested Li. Later, through Li's account, the police arrested another suspect, Dong

after interrogation, the two confessed to the crime of stealing cables. Li is from Luanping county, Hebei Province. He has no criminal record and once made a living selling fruits. Li has three children, the oldest of whom is only three years old. Although the family income is not high, raising children is not a problem

later, Li began to indulge in gambling, and soon he was heavily in debt because he borrowed gambling money everywhere. Most of the stolen money he stole was also used for gambling and extravagance. One comes and two goes, petty theft can no longer satisfy Li's desire. Therefore, he found his hometown Dong and plotted to steal engineering cables

in order to facilitate theft, the two men pooled money and spent more than 20000 yuan to buy a jeep with a Soviet license plate. At that time, the two sides were anxious to commit the crime, so they just signed an agreement without handling the transfer of ownership. Then I spent more than 900 yuan to buy a professional hydraulic pliers for cutting cables

at present, Mr. Li and Mr. Dong are under criminal detention by the police in accordance with the law on suspicion of theft, and Mr. Geng and Mr. Yang on suspicion of covering up and concealing crimes. The case is still under further trial

source of this article: Tianjin politics and Law: Wang Xiaoyi_ ne0011

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