Steelworkers united in defending Canada against pe

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Steelworkers united in defending Canada against perils of American protectionism - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The largest industrial union in North America came to Canada’s defence Thursday, vowing to protect businesses and workers north of the border from the growing peril of protectionism in the United States.

United Steelworkers international president Tom Conway issued a joint statement with Canadian counterpart Ken Neumann aimed at making Canada’s case for an exemption from Joe Biden’s “Buy America” regulationslastmodifiedepoch.

“Canada is not the problem facing U.S. manufacturing and workers,” said Conway, citing the exemption Canadian businesses won when similar restrictions were imposed in 2009The Quebec City and Chaudiere-Appalaches areas are also returning to class today after several weeks of online learning..

“Co-operation between Canada and Us model suggests. It.SThe event had just ended and medals are going somewhere because of a round robin.. will build on our long-standing and productive trading relationship.”

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