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Papermaking and printing: Valuation repair drives the industry to strengthen

according to the statistical data of Securities Research Center and great wisdom, in the five transactions from February 8 to 14, the cumulative net capital inflow of the papermaking and printing industry reached 176.9394 million yuan, ranking fourth for the net capital inflow of all industries. In the past five days of trading, the paper printing industry increased by 6.95%, ranking in the forefront of the increase in the range of nearly a single set of devices reaching 5000 tons/year. At the same time, among the 44 stocks in the industry, the average net inflow per share reached 4.0213 million yuan

judging from the rise and fall of the industry in the past five days, the top five stocks were, and Hongbo shares increased by 30.23% on the fifth day; Jinjia shares increased by 18.01% on the 5th; Shanying paper increased by 15.18% in the five days; Donggang shares rose 11.06% in the fifth day; Guanhao Hi Tech rose 9.57% in the five days

The paper industry is an important industry closely related to the development of national economy and the construction of social civilization. In economically developed countries, the growth rate of paper and paperboard consumption is synchronized with the growth rate of GDP. The role it plays in modern economy has attracted more and more attention of the world, and it is internationally recognized as an inexhaustible industry. In some classics 3 In line with the national gt/t2611 "general technical conditions for experimental machines" and the national metrological verification regulation jjg139 "tensile force, pressure and universal experimental machines", the paper industry has become one of the ten pillar manufacturing industries of the national economy in developed countries

will the burden reduction really come, driven by the appreciation of the RMB and the fact that such materials with low valuation in the papermaking sector will not be recognized?, The industry sector is leading the market in this period, and the industry generally believes that the paper industry is in an upward cycle. In the second week after the festival, transactions in the finished paper market were still relatively light, but the price continued to maintain a stable trend. Due to the recent strong rise in the prices of wood pulp and waste paper, with the gradual resumption of production of downstream printing plants, there is a greater possibility that the price of paper products will rise in the future

Shenyin Wanguo believes that the valuation repair drive paper sector is stronger than the market. At present, the industry valuation is close to the historical bottom, and the paper price is boosted by the replenishment of inventory in the middle and lower reaches after the holiday. The industry profit is expected to improve in the short term, but for the time being, there is a lack of foundation for continuous recovery, driving the performance of the sector to be stronger than the market this week

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