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Paper products are not the whiter the more sanitary the food packaging materials are daily necessities that are frequently used and consumed. Recently, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission has conducted a comparative test on plastic boxes (holders), plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic bowls, paper cups, cartons, dinner plates or other plastic and paper food packaging materials used in supermarkets, restaurants and other enterprises in Shanghai. Of the 100 samples tested this time, 96 met the standard, with a pass rate of 96%. The overall situation was good. The non-conforming indicators are mainly evaporation residue (4% acetic acid) and fluorescent substances

evaporation residue is mainly aimed at plastic products, which refers to using 4% acetic acid, 65% ethanol, n-hexane and water to simulate the possibility of residue precipitation when plastic products encounter vinegar, wine, oil, water and other liquids during use. If the raw materials used are of poor quality or the additives are improperly used in production, some substances may migrate when contacting the above-mentioned liquids, and the presence of residues and heavy metals and other chemicals in residues will have adverse effects on human health, especially on children and adolescents in the growth period. The monofilament obtained is tough, highly oriented and has a controllable diameter. In addition, the residue will also have a direct impact on the color, aroma and taste of food

in addition, unlike ordinary chemical components, fluorescent substances are not easy to be decomposed, and may be adsorbed by foods in direct contact with them, and accumulate in the human body, greatly reducing human immunity and endangering human health. According to experts' analysis, there are three main reasons for exceeding the standard of fluorescent substances: first, individual manufacturers use recycled paper to save costs; Second, the use of printed paper in violation of the relevant provisions of food packaging paper; Third, fluorescent brighteners are added to whiten packaging paper

Xiaobao high-frequency fatigue testing machine is based on the principle of system resonance. The Committee reminds the public that when selecting paper products, the whiter the product is, the more hygienic it is. Some manufacturers add fluorescent brighteners to the base paper in order to make the products look whiter; Second, smell. Food paper products made from raw pulp should be odorless; Third, when looking at printing, try to choose products with simple graphics or non bright colors. You can try to touch the printed patterns with your fingers. If there is color falling off, the products may have quality hidden dangers

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