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Paper printing escorts young people's green and bright reading space

on July 25, the important activity "paper printing integration development forum" hosted by China Paper Association, China Newspaper Association and China United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and co organized by China paper was held in Beijing

Zhu Min, vice president of China Printing Technology Association and managing director of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., not only delivered a keynote speech as an important guest, but also discussed the integration and innovation of new materials, new processes and new products in papermaking and printing as well as the "green standards in the printing industry" and "what new demands these standards put forward for paper" proposed by the general manager Ding Xia of the host Zhongzhi, Zhu Min answered

Zhu Min introduced that the two heavy metal special relocation restrictions of the bank began in September 2011. Green printing has been implemented in the industry since September 14, 2018. At present, there are more than 1000 enterprises that have achieved green printing certification in the country, which is not high compared with more than 90000 printing enterprises in the whole industry. The reason is mainly reflected in the publication printing enterprises, which focus on the books of teenagers. At that time, it was required to achieve full coverage of green printing within three years. Under the leadership of higher authorities, the goal of green printing of youth books has been achieved. The goal for the next three years is to achieve full coverage of green printing of children's textbooks. At present, the books for teenagers and children that can be seen in the market have reached green printing, which proves that the whole industry is making efforts for the healthy development of teenagers and children

in recent years, young people have paid more and more attention to eye problems. Due to the previous lack of technology and cognition, many people believe that the whiter the paper, the better. With the rising level of knowledge, people have higher and higher requirements for paper. Zhu Min pointed out that paying attention to paper health, especially brightness, is a practical response and the quality and texture of paper, which is closely related to the healthy development of young people. After several years of changes, now you can see that the picture books are basically Beige paper, which is much more relaxed in terms of vision. Zhu Min fully affirmed and agreed with the improvement on the paper

Zhu Min gave a positive answer to the question "what are the green standards in the printing industry?". Because the universal tensile testing machine system is a closed-loop system, on the one hand, from the product point of view, there are lithography and gravure printing; On the other hand, in terms of some requirements of the evaluation system, the general technical requirements and evaluation methods just released this year, as well as some requirements such as the principle of determining the position of product sampling and testing. Green printing is a whole process, from source reduction, to process control, to end treatment, plus the current energy conservation and emission reduction. Zhu Min cited data that through governance and source reduction, VOC was basically reduced by 90%. After the transformation, the energy consumption has also been greatly reduced, and certain achievements have been made in these aspects

on the question of "what new requirements these standards put forward for paper", Zhu Min said that it was mainly the requirements for children's books. When doing green printing certification, first, paper with waste pulp accounting for more than 30%, second, paper with non wood pulp content of more than 50%, and third, paper without chlorine bleaching should be used. As for whether it contains chlorine, Zhu Min said that when the human body inhales chlorine, it will poison the respiratory tract and skin mucosa. Mild poisoning will cause burning and pressure. Long term past inhalation will cause chronic poisoning, which will seriously endanger people's physical and mental health. He hoped to use the contract pressure to promote the elimination of this persistent pollutant. In primary and secondary school textbooks, teaching aids do not use paper added with fluorescent brighteners. If the paper is too white, it will produce a certain amount of light pollution, which will affect the durability and heat resistance of green brake pads. Juvenile vision is very good, and the age level of myopia in China gradually decreases. The problem of caring for teenagers' eyes has also become a problem that needs to be changed in the printing industry

in terms of green standards and new paper demand, Zhu Min's answer practically analyzed the current situation and requirements. It also points out the importance of green printing and its impact on teenagers and children. Zhu Min's answer pointed out the direction for the development of the industry

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