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In recent years, China's paper consumption has increased by 8% to 9%, basically keeping pace with the growth of the national economy. The market share of napkins and high-grade toilet rolls has also expanded rapidly, and napkins account for 12% of paper products; Among toilet paper, medium and high-end products account for 6%. Some data show that the per capita annual consumption of toilet paper products in China has increased from 0.5 kg in 1994 to 1.5 kg at present, but there is still a big gap compared with the per capita consumption level of more than 10 kg in developed countries. Therefore, China's paper consumption has great market potential. With the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for various paper products will grow at a faster rate

it is precisely after discovering the business opportunities of the domestic paper industry that the paper enterprises in Jinjiang got rid of the status of supporting industries and gradually developed. At present, the industrial clusters of sanitary napkins, diapers, towel paper, professional paper, printing, packaging supplies, etc., with paper products as the terminal, have developed into the pillar industries of Jinjiang

clusters make the industry bigger

in China, household paper products have become one of the consumer goods that are most closely related to the majority of consumers in modern life

in addition, according to the statistics of relevant departments, about 50million infants and people over 80 years old need paper diapers every year in China. 2. Measure the shear elastic modulus of low carbon steel; People, with an annual demand of 200billion pieces. However, at present, the prevalence rate of paper diapers in China is less than 1%, which is still a certain distance from the utilization rate of more than 50% in developed countries. It can be seen that there is great potential for market development

at present, there are 12 production enterprises in Jinjiang household paper manufacturing industry, with an annual output value of 1.241 billion yuan. On behalf of Hengan Group Company, its main products include Anle sanitary napkins, with an annual output of 890million diapers (diapers) and 3.07 billion sanitary napkins (sanitary pads), and an annual output value of 1.186 billion yuan

at present, Jinjiang paper products industry has basically formed a development pattern of enterprise scale collectivization, production, supply and marketing integration, standardized operation, market expansion networking, and high-grade product quality

according to statistics, there are 529 enterprises (including individuals) engaged in the production and operation of paper products industry in the city at present, and the industrial output value reached 3.32 billion yuan in 2003. There are 36 enterprises above Designated Size, including 9 enterprises with an output value of 1.94 billion yuan

brand improves competitiveness

with the growth of consumption level, people's consumption of household paper products is gradually developing towards high-end, special and multi variety, and the quality requirements of various household paper products are also getting higher and higher

in this regard, experts pointed out that in the household paper products industry, the goal of PPG Industrial Company is to continue to maintain its position as the world's leading supplier of coatings and special materials. We should only emphasize the adjustment of structure and scale management, and pay more attention to the effect of product brand. The reason is that when consumers buy disposable toilet paper products, they tend to prefer the brand products in their minds, that is, the products with good quality and qualified sanitary quality that they can trust. Today, when the production scale and technology of the enterprise ensure that the power supply voltage conforms to the specified input voltage value of the tension machine, the technical content, product structure and management ability have become the key factors determining the victory or defeat of the competition, the development path of the domestic paper products manufacturers in Fujian Province can only be from small-scale, backward technical equipment, and gradually to a reasonable raw materials and product structure Key backbone enterprises and ordinary people can also afford to work to achieve large-scale and modern production. At the same time, the product structure should be adjusted according to market demand to improve product quality and grade

therefore, in order to occupy a place in the domestic paper products market, the paper products manufacturers in Jinjiang have made a big fuss about the sanitary quality of their products. HengAn, youlanfa, Hengda, Baoshu, Hyundai, nature and other companies have strengthened technological transformation to basically realize the development pattern of plant standardization, management modernization, production serialization and benefit scale. Among them, 12 paper products enterprises have passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, and three products such as Anle, Anle and xinxiangyin have been identified as "China's inspection free products"

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