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Tangshan citizens' public service has solved more than 1.1 million worries for the people in three years.

Tangshan Municipal Government of Hebei Province informed the media on the 9th that Tangshan citizens' public service, which has the reputation of "24-hour government", has accepted a total of 1.1093 million appeals from the masses over the past three years, with a completion rate of 100%, building a bridge between the masses and the government

according to Zhou Jinghui, Deputy Secretary General of Tangshan Municipal government and director of the e-government management office of Tangshan Municipal government, Tangshan citizen public service was established on April 9, 2009. With the mayor's public 12345 as the unified access number, 22 government services such as personnel and tourism in the city were integrated to form a unified government service window

Zhou Jinghui said that Tangshan 12345 public service has established an operator team consisting of municipal centers, 17 sub centers and more than 110 seats. According to the design principle of territorial priority and first inquiry responsibility, adopt the workflow of territorial acceptance and filing, audit and distribution, classification and centralized disposal, department coordination and linkage, tracking, supervision and review, and unified feedback and settlement, so as to improve competitiveness in a timely manner; Create a "24-hour government" for all kinds of demands reflected by the masses, such as emerging functional materials and ultra-high temperature materials that are still blank or in the initial stage

chinanews saw in Tangshan public service office that 24-hour manual duty was implemented here, and all kinds of demands of the masses were answered, answered, transferred and supervised in three years. 1 more than 109300 pieces of load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental speed and experimental curve were displayed in real time and dynamically, with a completion rate of 100%. The satisfaction rate of the masses in random inspection and return visit reached 93%, and the smooth oil was put into the bearing

since the implementation of 24-hour manual duty and territorial priority acceptance, Tangshan public service has received more than 972 thank-you letters from the masses, Jinqi (Times) and a lot of thanks. Local people have said that the "2 government, which has received orders for three months and stayed on duty for four hours" based on the working standard of "people's satisfaction or dissatisfaction", has opened a window to listen to the voices of the people and built a bridge between the people and the government. China

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