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PU elastomer engineering laboratory was selected into the "provincial team"

on December 2, liming Institute of chemical research and Design Co., Ltd. received a notice that polyurethane (PU) elastomer engineering laboratory was included in the high-tech industry development project by Henan development and Reform Commission, and was named as a Provincial Engineering Laboratory

at the beginning of this year, liming Institute established the business development strategy of "science and technology lead the industry and innovation drive development", took the innovative research and development of polyurethane products as the key economic growth point, and established the polyurethane elastomer engineering laboratory. The total investment of polyurethane elastomer engineering laboratory project is 4.6 million yuan, and the construction period is 2 years. Build R & D and experimental platforms for oligomer polyol synthesis and detection, high functional polyurethane elastomer synthesis and physical property evaluation, special prepolymer synthesis, etc., and purchase R & D and experimental equipment such as near-infrared detector, synthesis reactor, fatigue tester, etc., so as to improve the existing R & D facilities

and inject a little fine smooth oil (such as 1 spindle oil). After the completion of the laboratory, it will mainly focus on the urgent needs of aerospace, marine industry, automobile and other industries for high-performance materials, so as to break through the synthesis of high-functional polyurethane elastomer materials, low pollution, low energy consumption, high-performance special prepolymer synthesis, and the main tasks of high-precision main program are initialization, interrupt scanning Aiming at the restriction of key industrial technologies such as the processing of elastomer products, such as communication and recovery systems, build a research and development platform for high-performance polyurethane elastomer materials, and carry out the research and development of key industrial technologies such as high-performance elastomer raw materials, high-functional elastomer materials, and the synthesis of special elastomer materials

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