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Pu and other raw materials gradually enter the price depression underground tourism industry or benefit

a total of 12 products rose this week, 41 products were flat, 29 products fell, and the rising varieties and flat varieties increased, while the falling varieties decreased. There was no variety with an increase of more than 5% in the previous week, and the highest increase was synthetic ammonia, 2250 yuan/ton. Nearly all products were paper products, with an increase of 4.44%; Four products fell by more than 5% this week, among which liquid chlorine, which fell the most, fell by 400 yuan/ton this week, down 40.00%, and the latest quotation was 1000 yuan/ton

this week, the WTI crude oil futures price changed the trend of updating the market opening concept, which fell all the way last week. Since this Wednesday, it has risen for three consecutive trading days, and closed at $76.09 on Friday, standing at $75 again. On Monday, the New York Stock Exchange was closed on American Independence Day; On Tuesday, the market continued last week's anxiety. In the absence of any good news, it fell slightly by $0.18 to close at $71.98; On Wednesday, boosted by the sharp rise in U.S. stocks, oil prices rose sharply by $2.09 to close at $74.07; On Thursday, the news of the decline of U.S. crude oil inventories once again stimulated the rise of oil prices; On Friday, market confidence recovered, and the original worries about the U.S. economy and the global economic outlook temporarily eased. The decline in the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time was unexpected, which continued to boost oil prices and finally closed at $76.09, the largest weekly increase since May. Under the background of good and bad economic data and sensitive and fragile market confidence, the trend of future oil prices is complicated, and whether it will continue to rise remains to be discussed

liquid chlorine fell by 40.00% due to insufficient demand, imported low-cost liquid chlorine, overcapacity and other factors; Organic products rose and fell, but the range was limited, methanol and acetic acid fell, toluene and xylene rose to avoid dust entering the interior, phenol continued to rise, acetone continued to decline, but it is expected to consolidate in the future; Polyethylene and polypropylene fell by more than 4 percentage points; The decline of TDI in polyurethane market narrowed and is expected to stabilize, while DMF and butanone fell slightly; The chemical fiber market is stable at

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