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The first domestic artificial intelligence and virtual reality public service platform landed in Qingdao. Qingdao, March 20 (Wang chaopeng, correspondent Zhang Xuxia) on March 20, 2019, the "Microsoft helps Qingdao 'high end manufacturing + artificial intelligence' summit" jointly hosted by Microsoft and the people's Government of Laoshan District, Qingdao was successfully held in Qingdao as a natural flame retardant. At the same time, the first domestic public service platform based on Microsoft artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology was officially launched in Laoshan

this platform is the only artificial intelligence and virtual reality public service platform established by Microsoft in China. The platform aims to focus on the "artificial intelligence, virtual reality" industry and help Laoshan District build a national virtual reality industry center and artificial intelligence industry demonstration area. Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy. Artificial intelligence is the "key" to open the era of perception and interconnection of all things. "High end manufacturing + artificial intelligence" is the "tipping point" of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change

jiangduntao, Secretary of the Laoshan District Party committee of Qingdao, said that the Qingdao municipal Party committee had launched 15 offensives, including "high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence", which defined the decline mechanism of subsidies, comprehensively promoted the deep integration of high-end manufacturing and artificial intelligence, and accelerated the strategic deployment of moving forward from "made in Qingdao" to "made in Qingdao". Laoshan district took rapid action to launch the action plan for AI technological innovation and industrial development, Prepare the offensive action plan of "high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence + virtual reality" to build Laoshan District into a "Ai technological innovation and industrial highland" if there is a range jump

in order to create a first-class business environment in China, Laoshan District has successively introduced microelectronics industry. In order to create a first-class business environment in China, there are many electronic universal experimental machines on the market in Laoshan District, which have successively introduced 12 "one industry one policy" industrial support policies such as microelectronics industry and advanced manufacturing industry, and implemented 11 special talent plans such as "22 new policies for talents" and "industry leading talent cultivation plan", especially relying on science and innovation Financial and other resource advantages, formulate 15 regulations for the development of financial services technology industry, introduce the first direct equity investment method in Shandong Province, and build a technology financial service system covering the whole life cycle of enterprise growth. All these innovative elements and resources will surely inject new momentum and vitality into the "high-end manufacturing + artificial intelligence" offensive of Laoshan

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