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PU shoe material foaming machine alleviates domestic export problems

it is reported that PU shoe material foaming machine takes sawdust, bamboo powder, orange stalk, chaff, rice straw, bagasse and plant fibers such as plant stems, branches, roots and skins as raw materials, and uses surface treatment agents, chemical grafting monomers and plasticizers to modify plant fibers, The dispersibility of plant fibers and the fluidity of the composite system are greatly improved. The composite foaming agent used is mainly exothermic foaming agent AC, which, combined with endothermic foaming agent, can reduce the temperature of the material when the foaming agent decomposes

for the first time in China, researchers at Fuzhou University used plant fiber and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) to prepare foaming shoe materials with good comprehensive properties. PU shoe material foaming machine technology helps China to establish higher shoe material technical standards and alleviate the current blockage of China's shoe exports

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