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Safety technical measures for side knocking and roof repairing of gas extraction roadway

I. overview

e03 gas extraction roadway adopts bolt shotcreting support. At present, the concrete shotcrete on the top of the local roof has separation and falling off. In order to ensure the safety of roadway support, the current mine arranges the side knocking and roof repairing of this section of roadway. This safety technical measure is specially prepared to ensure the safe and successful completion of the repair work

II. Quantities and construction tools and instruments:

1. Quantities: remove all the suspended gangues and shotcrete blocks on the closed roof of the whole E03 gas extraction roadway to the e0100 East bottom extraction roadway. After finding the suspended gangues and shotcrete blocks on the roof, according to the on-site separation and damage, add anchor bolts to the roof with separation and damage area greater than 800mm and 800mm to strengthen the support

2. Tools and instruments for knocking on the top and transporting suspended gangue: a 2m long crowbar, bar breaking pliers, shovel, mining car

3. Preparation of tools and materials for repairing roadway:

(1) support tools: prepare a side bolt machine and a top bolt machine, Φ 19 air duct, drill rod and drill head

(2) supporting materials: Φ 18 2200mm deformed steel resin anchor bolt, k2835 resin resin anchoring agent, tray specification: 100 10mm (length, width and thickness) tray, 1000 10000mm diamond

III. technical measures:

(I) technical measures for knocking on the side and asking for the top

then gradually open the oil return valve 1. Seal the East bottom drainage roadway of e0100 to the +1270m gas extraction contact roadway bottom parking lot, knock on the side and asking for the top of the whole roadway of E03 with crowbars from inside to outside, listen to the knocking sound, and judge whether the top and side are loose or separated. If the sound is clear, it means that there is no delamination, If an empty sound is emitted, it indicates that the top plate has been delaminated, and the detached top plate and the fallen shotcrete block should be found immediately

2. When finding the top, use a crowbar to find the loose shotcrete block and hanging gangue by knocking, beating, prying, pulling, etc., and cut and tighten the shotcrete block and hanging gangue with a gold cutting pliers that are hung on the top in time; 5. Regularly check the transmission condition of the sprocket to make the hanging gangue fall

3. The found shotcrete blocks, coal, rock mass and shotcrete blocks in the slope collapse ditch must be loaded and transported to the +1270m yard

4. Knock on the side and ask for the top to carry out the work of two people, one for operation, one for supervision and warning. The top finder shall stand in a safe place with good roof support, reserve a safe exit and ensure that the exit is unblocked

5. It is strictly forbidden for the top seeker to stand under the separation shotcrete block or the downward rolling direction of the shotcrete block. The supervisor should stand behind the side of the top seeker and give prompt in case of danger

6. Knock the top first and then the two sides in turn. When knocking the top with a long tool, it is necessary to prevent hanging gangues and shotcrete blocks from hurting people along the rod

7. Carefully observe the top finding area, and carefully knock the top with a crowbar to eliminate hidden dangers

(II) support technical measures

1. Support: adopt bolt plus diamond support, and the bolt is Φ 18. The row spacing between the 2200mm deformed steel resin anchor rods is 800-800 mm. Each anchor rod is anchored with two k2835 resin rolls, and the anchoring force is not less than 5T. The tray specification is 100, 100, 10mm (length, width and thickness) tray, 1000, 10000mm diamond, and the pieces are overlapped by 100mm. During support, the pieces can be cut and used according to the support area required on site

2. Install the anchor rod: ① before installation, the rock powder in the anchor rod hole must be cleaned, and the anchoring agent package must be sent into the hole first according to the design requirements; ② Connect the bolt tail with the bolt machine through the connecting sleeve; ③ The auto parts experimental machine automatically analyzes and processes the experimental results, inserts the rod end into the eyehole with the resin roll installed, supports the bolt machine, and uses the bolt rod body to push the roll to the bottom of the rock hole; ④ Mix the drug roll, and the mixing time should be 20 5S (specifically determined according to the performance of the anchoring agent), and the drilling should not be stopped in the middle; ⑤ After solidification, put on the diamond and tray, make the tray and sheet close to the rock surface, and tighten the nuts. The construction process must be properly adjusted on site after the test according to the performance of the adopted machines and tools, anchor bolts and anchoring agents

3. Support quality requirements:

① the anchor rod shall be perpendicular to the rock layer or main fracture surface, and the included angle between the anchor rod and the roof or roadway contour shall not be less than 75

② the nut must be tightened, the iron tray should be close to the roadway wall, and the length of the bolt exposed from the nut is 10 ~ 40mm

4. Due to the inconvenient water connection of E03 extraction roadway and the small amount of repair work, dry holes are drilled during the construction of anchor bolt holes

IV. safety precautions:

1. During roof finding and support operations: organic vehicles and pedestrians pass through, and roof finding is prohibited; Operators should hide in a spacious place to avoid being crushed by vehicles

2. There are mechanical and electrical equipment, cables and pipelines at the falling place. When the hanging gangue is large, the mechanical and electrical equipment, cables and pipelines should be well maintained in advance (such as using logs, steel pipes, etc. to set shelters). Avoid smashing cables to cause electric leakage, smashing pipelines to cause water (wind) leakage and affect gas drainage

3. When there is an omen of a large area of roof falling: operators are forbidden to enter the area, report to the control room in time, and set up a warning on both sides of the dangerous area

4. When loading, the mining car should be covered to avoid moving and hurting people. The human cart can only be pushed one at a time to speed up the adjustment and transformation of basic materials such as high-performance metal structure, advanced high molecules, new inorganic non-metal and so on

5. When drilling and supporting, it must be ensured that all the hanging gangues, dangerous rocks and shotcrete blocks on the top side are found out, and the operation can be carried out only after it is confirmed that there is no danger

6. After the work at the operation point is completed, the civilized production in the operation point must be cleaned to ensure that "the materials are exhausted after the work is completed and the site is cleared"

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