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Safety technical measures for dealing with roof caving in coal mining face 1. Description:

due to the relatively complex geological structure of our mine, the roof will be broken, sheared, sliding, roof caving and other phenomena during the advancement of the working face, which will affect the normal advancement of the working face. This measure is specially formulated for the distance between the lines is usually 25 ~ 50mm to ensure safe production and the smooth advancement of the working face, It is hoped that relevant personnel will carefully convey and implement

II. Safety technical measures:

1 Strengthen the monitoring and monitoring of the roof by personnel, and timely notify the conveyor driver to stop the conveyor in case of roof falling and falling. And carry out maintenance

2. Before entering the coal side and machine way for work, personnel must first shut down the shearer and scraper conveyor in the working face, and assign special personnel to take care of them

3. Before entering the coal side and machine way for work, the personnel must strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top. The personnel should stand in a safe place, use a long handle tool to find out the hanging gangue umbrella eaves, and use the hydraulic support protective board to protect the side. After ensuring safety, the personnel can enter the work. In the process of work, personnel should always stand in a safe place with intact roof, and it is strictly prohibited to work with empty roof

4. When dealing with roof fall, roof installation and other work, the district team attendant leader and the shift foreman must keep an eye on the scene and give unified command to ensure safe production

5. The sequence of dealing with roof fall and maintaining the roof is: maintenance must be carried out from two ends to the middle, from the area with good roof to the area with poor roof fall

6. Before installing the roof, clear and reinforce the safe exit in advance to ensure the safe and smooth withdrawal of personnel in case of danger

7. When installing the roof, it is necessary to install the roof gradually from the area with good roof to the area with poor roof. Workers with roof management experience must be arranged on site to monitor the roof full-time. In case of danger, an alarm will be issued immediately and the construction personnel will be evacuated to a safe place

8. When carrying out roof installation and maintenance work, no one is allowed to move the support within 15 m above and below the working place, and a special person is arranged to take care of it; There shall be no work irrelevant to maintenance work; Personnel shall not walk or stay in the chute under the roof falling area

9. If it is necessary to move the support, a special person must be arranged to operate it, and the staff should dodge the moved hydraulic support and hide in a safe place before operation. After moving the support, the operating handle must return to the zero position in time

10. Maintenance method for roof fall: after the roof stops falling and is stable, knock the top first, dispose of the live gangue, clear the retreat, and then carry out maintenance. First, use a single pillar to cooperate with the large plate (or I-beam, railway), and squeeze the diamond metal to the solid upper; The temporary lifting shed shall be set up along the working face tendency with big board or semi round wood and single support. The squeezing board and lifting shed must ensure one beam and three columns, and it is required to install a solid roof and squeeze the solid side; Only after ensuring the safety, can the frame be lowered, and each frame can be laid on two walking boards; It is required that the front end of the walking slab can bear the inclined slab (or railway) of squeezing, and the rear end shall not be less than 1.0m above the support, and then the hydraulic single prop shall be used to assist the support to lift the top beam and front beam

11. When transporting large boards and other timbers to the top loading support for the top loading work, the construction personnel should pay close attention to the lifting, transferring and receiving of materials, and gently lift and fall. The actions and slogans should be coordinated, and other irrelevant personnel should dodge the safe space

12. Each piece of wood on the top support must be placed firmly before adding the second piece. It is strictly forbidden to throw and place wood at random to prevent falling from hurting people or affecting work

13. At the place where the roof is installed, the wood for artificial false roof shall be evenly inserted horizontally and vertically, and each has fulcrum. The geotechnical investigation code GB 50021 ⑵ 001, the wooden cribs of the false roof are in a Japanese shape, the cribs are interlocked, the roof is tightly connected, the shoulder sockets are solid, and the phenomenon of empty roof and empty side is strictly prohibited

14. In the process of construction but with high price, the personnel must strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top, find out the hanging gangue umbrella eaves, and make the side and back solid top. If necessary, use a single pillar to hit a temporary protective column with a column spacing of 0.75m and an initial supporting force of not less than 50kN. The personnel must stand at the place with intact roof for operation

15. If the support needs to be changed during the work, the system of supporting before changing must be strictly implemented, and empty roof operation is strictly prohibited. The single prop used must be fastened with anti fall rope, and the initial supporting force shall not be less than 50kN. It is strictly forbidden to use the invalid single prop

16. When installing the top, the stop valve of the hydraulic system should be closed to prevent misoperation or materials from colliding with the operating handle

17. When the shearer cuts coal in the area with poor roof conditions, it must slow down the cutting speed. In case of roof leakage, it must return to the shearer in time. If necessary, it must stop the machine and move the frame or move the frame in advance, and cut one frame and move one frame. When moving frames and cutting coal, personnel must operate in the frame box

18. Before lowering and moving the support in the area where the roof falls off, the temporary support must be set in the coal support, otherwise, it is not allowed to lower the support

19. When using the single hydraulic prop to assist the front beam to lift the support, the hydraulic single prop should adopt the remote liquid supply, and the liquid supply should be uniform, stable and slow. If the single prop is inclined, the side slip, the movable post extends 600mm, and the support height meets the requirements, the liquid should be stopped immediately. The single pillar must be tied with a firm and reliable anti collapse or anti collapse rope, and the contact part between the top of the pillar and the support or steel beam should be connected with a wooden anchor plate to prevent slipping. During the liquid supply period, personnel must hide in the rack box 5 meters away

20. The torn and twisted metal during roof maintenance shall be repaired in time to ensure quality

21. When the roof is broken and installed, the wood for artificial false roof shall be inserted evenly horizontally and vertically, and each has a fulcrum. The wooden cribs of the false roof shall be in the shape of # and the cribs shall be interlocked. The top shall be tightly connected, and the shoulder sockets shall be solid. The wood shall be fixed with raking nails or iron wires. Empty roof and hollow side are strictly prohibited. The height of the support after installation is 2.6 ~ 2.9m

22. During roof maintenance, there should be special personnel on site to command, transport and deliver materials. The maintenance personnel should have a clear division of labor, adhere to the system of special personnel observing the roof, and maintain the access that maintenance personnel can evacuate in time in special emergencies

23. When carrying out maintenance work, the slogan should be unified, and the processes such as material delivery and topping should be coordinated. When it is necessary to move the support, skilled personnel must be arranged to operate, and the staff must dodge the dangerous area in advance

24. Organize production in strict accordance with the regular cycle, and make three reports for each shift; Strengthen the quality management of the work process of the working face, and ensure that the working face is three straight, two flat, one clean and two smooth

25. Strengthen the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the working face to ensure no leakage and channeling, and the pressure of the pump station reaches 30MPa. Implement the package mechanism, increase the strength of equipment maintenance, and ensure that the intact rate of equipment reaches 100%, so as to ensure the normal needs of production

26. Strengthen the roof management of the working face to ensure that the support of the working face is in good condition, the hydraulic support is not squeezed, bitten or crooked, and the height difference of adjacent supports shall not exceed 2/3 of the side guard plate of the support

27. When cutting coal and leaking the roof, it is necessary to return to the machine in time, stop the machine and move the rack or move the rack in advance, and cut one rack and move one rack. When moving the rack and cutting coal, personnel must enter the safe place of the rack box for operation

28. If the support needs to be changed, the system of supporting first and then changing must be strictly implemented to ensure that the personnel work under safe conditions, and it is strictly prohibited to work on the roof

29. Strictly implement the commitment system of coal mining safety process

30 Other unmentioned matters shall be implemented in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations and operation regulations

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