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Daheishan main shaft operation safety technical measures

in order to jointly repair the drainage pipeline of the main shaft of our mine, and at the same time cut off all kinds of effects to improve the smooth operation of the system, our mine plans to stop the maintenance work in the main shaft, in order to ensure the safety and quality of construction, we hereby formulate the following safety measures:

1. During construction

from March, 2016 to March, 2016

from time to time every day

2. Construction address

the shaft, shaft and underground of the main shaft and auxiliary shaft

3. Organization and responsibilities

general person in charge of maintenance and construction: Hu Guochang

person in charge of maintenance and construction site: Guo Xiujun, Wang Zhanjun

construction staff:


general person in charge: comprehensively handle and give instructions for maintenance homework safely

on site person in charge: responsible for the safe handling and instructions of on-site maintenance homework

homework staff: complete the maintenance task on duty with quality and quantity guaranteed

4. Enron technical measures:

1. Before the staff enter the well, the mine manager of the motor shall place the motor inspection staff to stop checking and repairing the hoist (brake mechanism, hydraulic system, signal system) cage, skip, steel wire rope and the communication system up and down the well. Only after the test run is stopped and there is no result can the homework be stopped

2. No staff is allowed to enter the well without the permission of gas inspector on site. Before entering the well, the tile inspector is responsible for checking the coquettish and harmful gas environment in the shaft, reporting and lecturing the gas detection data to the deputy mine manager of Enron, and leading the implementation of the ventilation Enron method on site to ensure that the harmful gas in the underground air does not exceed the provisions of the "coal mine Enron regulations" before agreeing to work. It is still the most widely used employee in the construction market

3. When the staff enters the well to repair the broken communication, because they can't rely on the normal communication, they must take interphone emergency communication or take iron tools to knock the skip or cage or use miner's lamp to recover the predetermined emergency sound signal and light signal. The signal regulations are as follows:

①, one short point: stop

②, two short points: lift up

③, one long and two short points: lift people

④, one long and three short points: lower staff

⑤, two short points: lift material equipment

⑥, three short points: lower material equipment

⑦. Four short points: slow lifting (the speed shall not exceed 0.3 M/s)

⑧, V: slow lowering (the speed shall not exceed 0.3 M/s)

⑨, six short points: start and stop the water pump

⑩, two long and two short points: stop power transmission,

Two long and three short: restore power supply to the underground

4. When there are people working in the shaft, there must be a hooker signal at the wellhead to crouch at the wellhead as the communication signal between the upper and lower parts of the transmission shaft

5. The hook operator must finally clean up the sundries within 5 meters around the wellhead in advance, and expel the relevant staff to prevent the relevant staff from looking down the shaft

6. The main elevator must be operated by experienced drivers. The promoted driver must work with a certificate, and must carefully check the hydraulic pressure, braking, sound and light signals, anti overwinding, etc. of the winch. The main requirements for this kind of plastic are: report for repair in time in case of abnormalities. Only after the test run is stopped and there is no result can the homework be stopped. Winch workers are not allowed to leave their posts without permission and do tasks related to the task

7. At present, there is ice in the shaft in early spring. Before entering the well, staff must first place special personnel to carefully check the icing environment in the shaft from top to bottom, and clean the existing icing

8. Staff working in the well must wear emergency contact equipment. Be familiar with contact signals

9. The construction staff must have complete labor protection. In the shaft internal skill class, the nano silver wire is a metal silver 1-dimensional fiber with a diameter in the nanometer range (generally between 20 (1) 00 nm) and an unlimited length. They must wear safety helmets, safety belts, anti slip shoes, raincoats, and adopt measures to prevent falling and electric shock

10. Use walkie talkies to contact each other for homework (at least two walkie talkies in the cage, one for standby). Check the construction equipment before construction, and do not use it if it is found to be defective

11. Before construction, the inventory of the used things must be stopped, and the things must be held firmly in the process of utilization to prevent things from falling into the shaft. After the end of the construction, it is also necessary to stop an inventory of the things used and check the site, so as to find the premise for the next shift of Enron creation

12. All staff involved in the construction must participate in the pre shift meeting and implement the Enron method

13. Enron warning signs shall be set up at the wellhead, and Enron staff shall be full-time. Any staff related to construction shall not approach and set warning signs

14. The construction staff must be strict and serious, obey the same instructions of the person in charge on the site, and cannot act on their own. The instructing staff must strictly control the check and keep in touch with each other through interphone

15. If it is necessary to work in the cage, an umbrella and a carved fence must be set on the top of the cage, and the construction and supervision staff must wear safety belts when standing on the cage

16. The inspection signal must be safe and reliable

17. In the maintenance task, the person in charge on site should check the quality and safety of the hanging and binding of pipelines in the shaft in detail, and deal with them in a timely manner if found

18. In the construction work, there must be full-time staff for all construction projects, and there must be full-time Enron staff to supervise the implementation of Enron measures on site

19. Keep in touch with the mine coordinator at any time during the construction process to prevent accidents, such as mine ventilation failure, some gas bulges, etc., and obey the instructions of the coordinator on duty at any time

20. Strictly follow the safety regulations of the coal mine in the process of homework, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out operations against the seal

21. Construction staff and supervision staff must seriously study this method

Technology Department

March 21, 2016

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