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Safety technical measures for the connection between the extended lane and the old lane of the general return

1. Overview:

our team is about 20 meters at the penetration point between the extended lane and the old lane at the lower part of the general return. In order to ensure the safe penetration and ensure the safe construction of the staff, this Enron technical method is specially formulated:

2. Preparation tasks before the tunnel penetration:

the air and water pipelines move forward with the excavation, and timely perfect the drainage and ventilation in the tunnel

all support materials are prepared in place

3. Penetration construction process:

1. The lower heading roadway continues to be constructed forward according to the original central line and penetrates the old roadway. Throughout the homework, we must adhere to the principle of "exploring before digging". The shed distance is 800mm, which is reduced to 500mm in special circumstances

2. The task face of tunneling runs through the first 5 meters, a release hole is drilled in the Wotou, and the pressure air duct is connected to the old lane to stop gas dilution in the lane

3. Each shed shall be erected when the remaining 5m of excavation is under construction. Special personnel and gas inspectors must be sent to the release hole to check the gas concentration

4. In case of penetration, the tunneling task must be stopped in time and the gas discharge must be stopped. As long as the gas concentration in the coquette is below 1%, the construction can be stopped at the expense of fraud

5. After the tunnel is penetrated, first use the metal column to reinforce it, and then operate the original waste discharging equipment to stop cleaning the debris and waste rocks in the tunnel until the staff's retreat is unobstructed, and then use the top finding stick to find the live waste on the top of the gang that exposes the tunnel, and then stop reinforcing the top of the gang that exposes the tunnel

4. Enron technical method:

1. Strictly follow the midline construction of the tooth damage sub calibration of the geological survey department

2. Roadway reinforcement is bound to fulfill the "knock on the wall" and "support before return" tracks, which is the third manufacturing scandal in Japan in recent three months

3. When the construction needs the homework platform, it must be set up and supervised by a specially assigned person

4. When strengthening with metal columns, metal point columns must be set into lines and connected in series

5. Every shift should check the air duct to ensure that there is no air leakage and the discussion is thoughtful

6. During the whole construction process, we must ensure that the exit road is unobstructed

7. After the penetration, the supporting environment in the penetrated old roadway should be checked in time. If it is found that there is no lack of environment in the roof and side, reinforcement should be adopted in time

8. Other relevant provisions in the coal mine safety regulations and the original regulations shall be strictly observed

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