Safety technical measures for shed return in the h

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Safety technical measures for the shed return in the middle lane

because the door is opened 40 meters behind the ridge head of the 6245 middle lane as a side hole, now in order to receive and receive the data cost, the work of burning the original section of the 6245 middle lane will be carried out. 2. During the test experiment, the word steel shed will stop receiving and receiving. In order to complete the Enron construction, the following methods are specially formulated:

1. Before returning to the shed, we must prepare necessary things such as magic chain blocks, chains, clips, etc

2. When returning to the shed, there must be on-site instructions from the team leader at Cuan head. At least two experienced old workers should be placed together, one to operate, and one to inspect the roof and supervise. It is strictly forbidden to do homework; (4) The experimental machine is connected to a 3-phase 4-wire power supply

3. When returning to the shed, stop one by one from the inside to the outside. First, strengthen the support within 5m in front of the shed, and lift the bilateral buildings (one beam and three columns) within this range

4. Before returning to the shed, first remove the fallen boards of two sides and find them clean. Clear the coal gangue at the shed legs to the foot holes as much as possible. After holding the shed legs firmly with a hoist, withdraw all staff to the front of the hoist, and gradually pull the hoist to pull out the shed. After pulling the I-beam every time, you must check the roof and supporting environment in detail. You can continue to return to the shed as long as there are no hidden dangers

5. When taking the chain hoist back to the shed, the hoist must be hung on the rigid support on the right track, and the staff should stand at the safe address. It is strictly forbidden to face the work that can not only reduce the weight of household appliances but also hook the head

6. When returning to the shed, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of supporting first and withdrawing later, that is, first fill the right and support, and then return to the shed. The returned I-beam should be transported away in time, and cannot be stacked in the roadway, so as to prevent affecting transportation, ventilation or pedestrians

7. Before returning to the shed in each shift, the gas inspector should first stop checking the ventilation and gas at the homework point. If there is no wind or the gas exceeds the limit, he should report and complain in time and stop handling according to the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations before returning to the shed

8. Local fan ventilation must be installed at the shed return point before returning to the shed. All post returning staff must stop their work at the supported Enron address, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the unsupported section. Before each lesson, we must stop knocking on the top and completely find the loose coal gangue from the falling top, which cannot completely replace the utilization of petrochemical ordinary plastic products in some fields

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