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Safety technical measures for retracting support at the working face

13303 the task face is gradually shortened, and the retracting support and scraper escort chute can be produced normally with the normal promotion of the task face. In order to ensure the successful completion of the device task, this method is specially adopted to guide the on-site construction

1. Rest organization

1. Person in charge of Construction:

2. Person in charge of Enron:

3. Staff involved: staff on duty

2. Construction scheme

1. Remove the two shallow chutes above the transition chute of outward transportation tail and push the tail up

2. In order to ensure the space out of the rack, the advance support method is changed

3. Operate the 20t stable car at the end of the train to extract the lower head support and transport it out

4. Make up the end support and closing post in time in the lower head space after withdrawing the support

5. Close the chute and combine it with the test run after assembly

3. Construction style

(I) remove the chute

1. First, turn off the power and lock the scraper escort after it is empty. After removing the support and connecting the crosshead, the support sliding slider retracts

2. Pinch the upper chain of the scraper to be removed, then push the tail and transition slot of the scraper escort machine to the target of the tail mark with a single pillar for 300 mm, pinch the bottom chain of the scraper, lift the chute to be removed with a 5T chain block to the tail of the chute, use the tail of the trolley and the head of the trolley to stabilize the car, and drag the chute to the turning wheel of the rail car, unload and transport it outside

3. How to develop the scrape tensile testing machine that will be pushed out? Push back the transition groove of the tailstock of the board escort machine with a single pillar to save enough space for the withdrawal of the support

(II) change the advance support style

the existing support style of the track trough advance support cannot meet the requirements of the space out of the rack. In order to ensure the smooth extraction of the lower end support in the project, it is necessary to change the support style

1. Change the row of props near the lower side of the advance support to the side close to the cable beam, subject to not affecting the pulling of the cable beam. After the change, the spacing between the row of props and the lower side is 1.7m-1.9m, which meets the requirements of the space out of the frame

2. After the withdrawal of the support, restore the track trench advance support to the original specified style

(III) withdraw the support

1. There is a large space before withdrawing the support. First, clean the floating coal in front of the support and clean the sundries along the transportation line; If there is a lack of space in the stringing section, stop splitting the upper side of the roadway in time. Ensure that the bracket is pulled out without obstructions and sundries

2. Stop the emulsifying pump before withdrawing the support, move the support operation handle, cut and withdraw the support pipeline after the hydraulic pressure is relieved, connect the hydraulic pipeline with the support pipeline on the task surface after the support is withdrawn, and insert the U-shaped card in place

3. Remove the end support in front of the support, and then reduce the hydraulic support to the lowest level. Use the 20t stable car to pull the support out to the tail of the train with the track groove. If the jamming is caused by the lack of space for pulling out the support, the jammed single pillar will be removed, and the single pillar will be restored in time after the support is pulled out

4. Pull back the support at the end of the string car to control the stable car of the string car head 14T to the string car head through the inner side of the string car

5. Fix a turning wheel on the ground anchor of the turning wheel of the rail car, operate the tandem head to stabilize the car, pull the withdrawal support to the turning wheel of the rail car to unload the car, and take part in the 4-By-100 relay race 301 connecting lane after transportation through the track trough and 13

(III) make up the end support, chute stubble closing and test run

1. Make up the end support and door closing post of the end after the support is withdrawn. See the 13303 comprehensive mining task face work procedures for detailed support methods and support requirements

2. Stop the assembly of the chute on the task surface, the transition slot and the tailstock, and connect the bottom chain of the scraper escort machine

3. Straighten the chain, do not twist or stagger the ring, remove the redundant chain and scraper, and then use the single pillar to tighten the chain of the scraper escort machine to an appropriate degree, connect it well, and test run

4. Enron technical measures

1. All staff involved in the construction must seriously study this method and sign before they can participate in the construction

2. The person in charge of Enron on duty should comprehensively check the support environment of the construction site, and the results found must be rectified immediately, otherwise construction is strictly prohibited

3. When more than one person cooperates in construction, it is necessary to understand that a special person is responsible for the same instruction and coordinate with each other. Dragging, pulling, carrying and pushing should be done together to prevent unexpected accidents

4. Strengthen the secondary liquid injection of the pillar, pad the track wood on the top plate when it is not flat, ensure that the top connection is tight, and the pillar is fastened to prevent barb

5. Stop the emulsifying pump before removing the support pipeline, move the support operation handle several times, and assemble a U-shaped card before the hydraulic pressure is relieved; When connecting the hydraulic pipeline, the U-shaped card must be stuck in place. It is strictly forbidden to show the phenomenon of not in place or unilateral card

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